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french demonstrative adjectives exercises

Hello there, I’m glad to see you are eager to enhance your French skills. As you know, this is a beautiful and intricate language that requires detailed understanding.

Today, we will focus on one of the key aspects of the language: the use of demonstrative adjectives, which include “ce”, “cette”, “cet”, and “ces”, which are used to specify and point out people or things. They translate as “this”, “that”, “these”, and “those” in English.

The exercises below have been designed to help you grasp the correct usage of these words in different contexts.




Demonstrative adjectives



Masculine singular ce Ce garçon
Masculine singular
before a vowel sound
cet Cet immeuble
Feminine singular cette Cette fille
Plural (masculine or feminine)


ces Ces enfants

practice french


1) Fill in the Blank with the Correct Demonstrative Adjective.


a) livre est très intéressant.


b) fille est gentille.


c) cahier est à toi?


d) homme est mon voisin.


e) femme est ma professeure de français.


f) Tu vas acheter robe?


g) clés sont les tiennes?


h) Je vais acheter cartable.


2) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order.


a) homme / tu / connais / cet / ?

Tu connais cet homme?


b) j’ / cette / école / étudie / dans


c) ce / aime / j’ /restaurant


d) est / écrivain / célèbre / cet


e) je / ce / stylo / acheter / veux


f) ce / contempler / aime / j’ / paysage


g) fils / homme / ce / jeune / est


h) femme / tante / est / ma / cette


3) Translate to French the Following Sentences Taking the Demonstrative Adjectives into Consideration.


a) This girl is my cousin.

Cette fille est ma cousine.


b) That book is mine.


c) This building is big.


d) This apartment is small.


e) Write in this notebook.


f) Do you want to taste this pie?


g) Do you see this house?


h) I want to buy this jumper.


4) Demonstrative Adjectives Multiple Choice Exercises: Choose the Correct Answer


a) Je vais t’attendre sous ………… arbre.


b) J’aime beaucoup …………. restaurant.


c) Je vais acheter …………… livres.


d) Ma mère déteste …………. comportement.


e) Tu m’aides à terminer ………. travail?


f) ………… sac est joli.


g) ………… maison est belle.


h) Tu connais …………. rue?


Great job on completing these exercises. I hope that this lesson has provided you with a solid understanding of how to use French demonstrative adjectives correctly.

As you have seen, the choice between “ce”, “cette”, “cet”, and “ces” depends on the gender, number, and the first letter of the noun they precede.

Remember to keep practicing, as this is crucial in mastering any language. Should you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m looking forward to our next lesson. Keep up the good work and happy learning!


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