Plural Exercises – French

Le pluriel • In general: to form the plural in French we add an “s”. Ex: un crayon ⇢ des crayons une feuille ⇢ des feuilles   ✘ Exceptions: • If the word ends in –eu, -au, -ou we add an “x”. Ex: un bureau ⇢ des bureaux un cheveu ⇢ des cheveux un chou ⇢ …

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French Articles Exercises

  Article défini Noun Example le Masculine singular le livre la Feminine la maison l’ Singular before a vowel sound l’ordre les Plural Les amis     1) Choose the correct answer                   2) Fill in the blanks with the correct article le, la, l’, les   …

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Free French LEVEL TEST Online

Do you have any idea if your French is growing better or not? If you’re anything like the majority of self-learners, you can’t say. It’s tough to say. It’s possible that you haven’t noticed any improvements in the last month or maybe the entire year. You have no idea what grammatical errors you are making, and …

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