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We are very pleased to receive you on our website. This space intends to explain how our users’ data, use of cookies, and other details related to their privacy are treated.



When entering the sites you should have noticed the warnings related to cookies. This type of mechanism does no harm to your navigation or device, on the contrary, it aims to make your experience more dynamic and practical.

In summary, cookies are small files that store information about your navigation on the website. So, for example, if you were shown a popup on a given page, a cookie stores that information and does not let other pages display the popup again.

The same can work for a video, which can restart from the point you stopped watching it any other day. These are small examples to show how cookies can be used. Here at we use cookies.


Course and applications

On our language exercises pages, you can find course and application recommendations. We do not produce courses and applications, we only make recommendations.

Any need for clarification and help should be directed to the company responsible for the course or application. We strive to bring serious business nominations, but it is the responsibility of the user and company any disputes involving monetary and other issues.


User data

When enrolling in courses and applications through clicks on our pages, related to language learning, companies will ask for information such as email, full name, and documents, such as CPF and identity. only performs advertising actions in the affiliate model, where we can receive a commission for your subscription or payment, but we do not receive your information.

As for the email you can add to our forms, it can be used to keep you updated on new content posted on the site, as well as used for marketing actions, where recommendations for courses and applications are sent in your email box.

The user can at any time remove his email from our sending base easily through a link to remove the footer of messages, or by contacting him by making the removal request.

We do not sell or transfer your contacts to third parties.


Data protection

We value your privacy and in no way will other companies and individuals have access to your email.

Any information that you pass on to the site will be treated with maximum security and confidentiality. Your name, email address, IP, or any identification used to contact us will not reach the possession of others without your express authorization.

In the event that the law requests such information, we will immediately contact such user and inform him of such a situation involving his data.

If the website, the brand, or the owner of the website, needs to protect their interests, this data or any information about the user will be passed to justice without prior notice.



Again, we value quality and our search for courses and applications that have a high-cost benefit is incessant.

But we always recommend a complete analysis of the terms of services, refund policy, and privacy policy of the sites and companies which you intend to conduct a business transaction with.

The courses indicated by images and links on our pages have a money-back option and you must inform yourself about the duration of it. Remember, courses and apps are not our own, so your refund request must be made directly to the company.



The English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish and French exercises here at are free for anyone to access and practice. We do not allow their use by companies and individuals who charge any kind of compensation in exchange for access.


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We do not authorize the copying of our texts, exercises, images, videos, and other content and tools owned by the website Legal measures will be taken in the case of plagiarism.



You can contact us if you need to clarify any doubts.

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