51 French Exercises

french exercises to practice

Not only Paris is a favorite destination for couples, but French is also a romance language derived from vulgar Latin. With numerous dialects, the language is spoken widely around the world.

A more interesting fact is that it is the official language of 29 countries, including France, Switzerland, Canada, and whatnot. Many homophones, the origin of 45% of English words, and the language are spoken by 220 million people worldwide.

You are also planning to learn the language and wondering where to exactly start. We will help you out. You can start practicing with French exercises. Below, there is a list!


🇨🇵 French exercises Simple Present➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Simple Future➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Recent Past➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Le Pluriel➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Interrogative Sentences➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Prepositions➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Subject Pronouns➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Relative Pronouns➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Adverbs of Place➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Adverbs of Frequency and Time➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Y and EN Pronouns➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Article Défini➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Demonstrative Adjectives➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Telling the time➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Phrases for Travel➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Les Pronoms Toniques➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The adjectival agreement➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The verb ‘être’ (to be) Present Tense➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The perfect tense with ‘être’ (to be)➚

🇨🇵 French exercises At the Restaurant Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises At the Supermarket Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Travel Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises At the Hotel Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Comparisons and Superlatives➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The Negative form➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Possessive Adjectives➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The Present Tense of ‘ir’ verbs➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The Present Tense of ‘er’ verbs➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The Present Tense of ‘re’ verbs➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The verb ‘avoir’ (to have)➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Passé Composé with AVOIR➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Simple Past➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Perfect Tense➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Aller, Venir, Vouloir and Pouvoir – Present➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Vacation Vocabulary➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Imperative Mood➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Indefinite Articles➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Articles Contractés➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Partitive Articles➚

🇨🇵 French exercises The Feminine➚

🇨🇵 French exercises French Grammar➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Conjunctions➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Subjunctive➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Conditional Mood➚

🇨🇵 44 French Exercises for Beginners➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Gerunds➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Passive Voice➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Numbers 1 to 30➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Numbers 31 to 60➚

🇨🇵 French exercises Numbers 61 to 90➚



Learn basic grammar

We have some tips that will accompany you along your journey. These tips will not make you learn French, but they will help you decide your learning pattern and the right ways of learning. Like many other people, you might have decided to learn French over other languages for its grammar is easy to learn.

That’s true; undoubtedly, French grammar is easy to learn.

The reason is that French grammar has the same part of speech as English grammar. Therefore, it is relatively easy to understand the sentence structure of the language. If you are starting your learning journey, take a leap by learning French grammar.

But, one important thing is don’t get overwhelmed to expect a lot. You will only succeed with the consistency and dedication required to learn a new skill.


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Prefer phrases and sentences over words

The next tip is also about the grammar of the French language. If you want to succeed in your learning efforts, we recommend learning phrases and sentences instead of words. Why?

The answer is ‘contextualization.’

No matter how much time you are giving to memorize different French words, you will feel the difficulty of a novice when asked to make a sentence. So, it is always better to start with learning the sentence and phrases of the language. You will automatically remember a lot of words and their use in different situations.

As we already said, 45% of English words originated from ancient French. It is a good point, as well as a downside for your learning efforts. You have to minimize the interference of English in your learning.

No matter if it’s reading, writing, or speaking French. When you are speaking French, it is obvious that you will translate it into English, but it will be okay only when you are a beginner. Once you advance in your learning process, don’t let your brain play games with you.


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French Cognates

French cognates will be the biggest hurdle when you are learning. Cognates are those words that are the same in two languages. The first thought any learner will have after learning about cognates is that it is going to be fun learning. But, it is not the case, actually.

No matter, two languages share the same vocabulary up to some extent but, the meanings and pronunciation might be different.

For instance, the word chocolate in French and English is the same, but the sound is different in both languages.
Similarly, the word entrée is the same in English and French. But, guess, the meanings of the same word in two languages differ. In French, entrée means’ the main course,’ and it is ‘starter’ in English.


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Language partner

To improve your French spoken skills, the best thing you can do is find a language partner. In the case of the French language, a language partner is a great idea. Your language partner will help you practice your spoken French and teach you the curves and edges of French grammar.

Moreover, you will have someone to report to. As a result, you won’t give up, which you would do in case of learning by yourself. Language partners will also help you to understand the general expression of the French language.


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Practice with French exercises

French exercises have a lot to add to your learning. They will stimulate your brain to absorb the studied content more quickly while adding new words and phrases to your vocabulary.


french activities

Repeat whatever you learn

Repetition and Practice, along with consistency and dedication, is your recipe for success in learning. And it is also our next tip for you.

Whatever you learn in a day, last week, or month, repeat and revise it whenever you get a chance. Or, more desirably, take some time out to revise what you have learned. But, on the more practical side, whenever you are having your time or doing nothing, try recalling different words, phrases, and sentences from the French language to keep in touch.


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Audio And Visual Aids

Music, movies, podcasts, series, and shows! These are a few visual and audio mediums that will help you learn a new language.

Wondering how?

If you already don’t know, learning a second language is more about understanding the context. Watching movies or listening to music or podcasts in the language you are planning to learn will prove a great help in your overall journey.

When your mind and ears have become adaptive to the French language, I have good news for you! Half of your job is already done! You will be able to learn French quickly and smoothly.


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Language is not logical, so learn it as it is!

As a child, when you were learning to speak, the rules were simple! There were no rules because your mind was like a whiteboard, and something was written on it for the first time!

But as we grow up and our mental abilities increases, our mind processes everything with logic! But, for learning a language, there is still no logic! If you want a smooth journey of learning French, the best piece of advice from my side is,

‘Don’t ask Why? Just learn it!’



Don’t fear mistakes and celebrate it

One most important thing when you are learning a language is to celebrate your journey! If you are always afraid of making mistakes, your learning process will slow down!


Because your whole focus has shifted to an impossible and unavoidable thing! So, to keep your focus on your real goal, our advice is don’t fear mistakes because you will only learn once you make mistakes.

We hope that these tips will help you through your journey of learning. All these French exercises will help you to learn the language more easily and understand the grammar faster!


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