July 2023

4 French Prepositions Exercises

Bonjour mon étudiant extraordinaire! Learning French is like preparing a soufflé, each layer must be meticulously placed to create the perfect masterpiece. And now, we are moving onto the next layer, the deliciously complex world of French prepositions. Ooh la la, they can be a bit tricky, just like flipping crêpes, but do not worry, …

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Partitive Articles French Exercises

Bonjour, mon cher étudiant! It is I, your trusty and somewhat whimsical French teacher, here to embark on yet another linguistic adventure with you. Do not be afraid, for today’s topic is as tasty as a croissant and as bubbly as champagne. Today, we shall conquer the marvelous world of ”French Partitive Articles”. Ah, such …

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Relative Pronouns French Exercises

Bonjour, mon cher élève! Welcome back to our jolly journey into the fascinating, perplexing, and often downright baffling world of French pronouns! Today we’ll dive into the murky depths of the French relative pronouns – oui, oui, those tiny little words that can tie your tongue into a knot and make your brain feel like …

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Possessive Adjectives Italian Exercises

Ciao, caro studente! As we continue to explore the beautiful Italian language, today we will focus on a crucial grammatical aspect: possessive adjectives (Aggettivi Possessivi). These words are used frequently in daily conversation and are essential to describe ownership or relationships. We’re going to dive deep into understanding, forming, and using them in various contexts. …

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