August 2023

Written Numbers 21 to 50 Exercises

Hello students! Today, we are going to work on an important aspect of our daily communication – numbers. Specifically, we will focus on written numbers from 21 to 50. Understanding and using these numbers correctly is essential for various everyday activities, such as shopping, telling the time, giving directions, and more. We will practice putting […]

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In the City Vocabulary Exercises

Hello dear student! Today, we are going to work on an exciting set of exercises that will help you practice your English vocabulary related to the city. Being comfortable with ‘in the city’ vocabulary is essential as we encounter these words in our day-to-day activities. They are structured in four different parts: arranging sentences, correcting

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Written Numbers 1 to 20 Exercises

Today, we will be working on an exciting new activity – Written Numbers 1 to 20. Understanding and using numbers correctly is a fundamental skill that we use in our daily lives. This test will help you practice writing numbers in words, which is essential for various situations such as writing checks, filling out forms,

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At the Restaurant Vocabulary Exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we will be focusing on a very important and practical topic – ‘At the Restaurant Vocabulary’. Being able to communicate effectively at a restaurant is a key skill for everyday life, especially when you are traveling or dining out. We will start with rearranging sentences, followed by fixing grammatical errors, practicing

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Weather Vocabulary Exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we have a set of tests to expand your weather vocabulary. These exercises are designed to help you construct sentences correctly and ask appropriate questions related to the weather. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice two essential aspects of language learning: grammar and vocabulary. So, let’s dive into

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Collocations Exercises

Hello students! Today, we are going to focus on an important aspect of the English language. Collocations are combinations of words that frequently appear together and sound ‘right’ to native English speakers. For example, we say ‘make a decision’ instead of ‘do a decision’. Understanding and using collocations correctly will make your English sound more

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Asking Directions Exercises

Hello dear student. Navigating through unfamiliar surroundings and asking for directions is an integral part of our life experiences. Whether you’re traveling, moving to a new city, or simply exploring new places, knowing how to ask for directions in English can be invaluable. Today, we’ll dive into a series of activities focusing on “Asking Directions.”

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English Homophones Exercises

Today, we’re going to dive into an intriguing aspect of the English language: homophones. These are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings. It’s essential to recognize and understand these words to prevent confusion in both spoken and written English. Our exercises below will challenge you, helping you master

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Synonyms and Antonyms Exercises

Today, we’re going to delve into a fascinating area of the English language: “Synonyms and Antonyms”. Just as our everyday life is filled with choices – from what to wear to what to eat – our language is filled with words that can express similar or opposing ideas. Mastering synonyms (words with similar meanings) and

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Idiomatic Expressions Exercises

Navigating the intricacies of the English language can often feel like walking through a maze, especially when it comes to idioms. These phrases might not always make sense when translated directly, but they are crucial to sounding like a native speaker and understanding everyday conversations. Today, we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of English

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