At the Hotel Vocabulary French Exercises

french at the hotel vocabulary exercises

Bonjour, dear student! I’m thrilled to see your ongoing dedication towards mastering the French language. Today, we’re going to embark on a new adventure of vocabulary and phrases all related to ‘At the Hotel.’

This set of exercises will help you understand, practice, and reinforce your knowledge of the French vocabulary and sentences linked with a hotel setting.

It’ll enhance your confidence when dealing with situations related to reservations, arrivals, service requests, and more in French-speaking environments.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – At the Hotel Vocabulary


a) une / j’ai / réservé / chambre

J’ai réservé une chambre.


b) un / nous / avons / réservé / appartement / luxueux


c) un / il / veut / lit / supplémentaire


d) la / elle / clé / demande / de / chambre / la


e) ils / quittent / l'hôtel


f) vous / au / réceptionniste / parlez


g) serveur / au / tu / parles / restaurant / du


h) nous / au / du / dînons / restaurant / hôtel


i) le / service / de / demandent / chambre / elles


j) je'ai / perdu / clé / ma


2) Translate these Sentences – At the Hotel Vocabulary


a) I booked a room.

J’ai réservé une chambre.


b) We are staying in a suite.


c) He needs an extra bed.


d) She asks for the room key.


e) They are leaving the hotel.


f) You speak to the receptionist.


g) I am talking to the restaurant waiter.


h) We are dining in the hotel restaurant.


i) They ask for room service.


j) I lost my key.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of At the Hotel Vocabulary


a) reservation – key – restaurant

réservation – clé – restaurant


b) receptionist - room - suite


c) waiter - dining - checkout


d) bellboy - elevator - lobby


e) reservation - twin room - check-in


f) breakfast - pool - towels


g) balcony - maid - bed


h) gym - wifi - air conditioning


i) minibar - safe - telephone


j) shower - bathtub - toilet


k) luggage - pillow - blanket


l) laundry - wake-up call - do not disturb sign


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts


I am Peter. I am a receptionist at a hotel. I love my job because I meet people from different parts of the world. I also help guests with their needs like making reservations, providing room keys, and arranging room services. In my free time, I enjoy reading and travelling.


She is Anna. She is a guest at our hotel. She is here for a business meeting. She booked a suite and often dines at our restaurant. She likes to relax in the lobby in the evening. She appreciates our room service and hospitality.


5) About At the Hotel Vocabulary, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) J’ai réservé une chambre. ( Qui…)

Qui a réservé une chambre?


b) Nous restons dans une suite. ( Qui...)


c) Il a besoin d'un lit supplémentaire. ( Qui...)


d) Elle demande la clé de la chambre. ( Qui...)


e) Ils quittent l'hôtel. ( Qui...)


f) Je parle à la réceptionniste. ( A qui...)


g) Je parle au serveur du restaurant. ( A qui...)


h) Nous dînons au restaurant de l'hôtel. ( Qui...)


i) Elles demandent le service de chambre. ( Qui...)


j) J'ai perdu ma clé. ( Qui...)


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