Partitive Articles French Exercises

french partitive articles exercises

Bonjour, mon cher étudiant! It is I, your trusty and somewhat whimsical French teacher, here to embark on yet another linguistic adventure with you. Do not be afraid, for today’s topic is as tasty as a croissant and as bubbly as champagne.

Today, we shall conquer the marvelous world of ”French Partitive Articles”. Ah, such a beautiful phrase, is it not? It rolls off the tongue like a fine Bordeaux.

Now, we shall be doing a variety of exercises – like a linguistic gym, if you will. We’ll put sentences in the correct order, translate some, even flex our vocabulary muscles a bit. Oh, la la!

And just when you think your brain can’t possibly handle more fun, we’re going to write and ask questions using our newfound knowledge. Oui, my dear student, it will be a day filled with learning.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Partitive Articles


a) manger / pommes / des / j’aime

J’aime manger des pommes.


b) boire / j'adore / du / café


c) avons / nous / besoin / sucre / de


d) tu / veux / lait / du / ?


e) vaisselle / faire / elle / de / la / doit


f) avez-vous / de / besoin / l'eau / ?


g) mangeons / des / légumes / tous / les / jours / nous


h) acheter / vais / des / fruits / je


i) il / a / du / pain / ?


j) as-tu / des / amis / ?


k) elles / de / ont / glace / la / ?


l) voulez / du / chocolat / vous / ?


2) Translate these Sentences – French Partitive Articles Exercises


a) I have some apples.

J’ai des pommes.


b) I need some water.


c) They are eating some bread.


d) We have some sugar.


e) She wants some ice cream.


f) Do you have some cheese?


g) I see some cars.


h) He buys some books.


i) They need some advice.


j) You drink some coffee.


k) I want some tea.


l) They are making some soup.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of French Partitive Articles


a) bread – coffee – water

du pain – du café – de l’eau


b) wine - cheese - soup


c) butter - chocolate - milk


d) tea - meat - fish


e) salad - juice - eggs


f) sugar - oil - fruit


g) vegetables - ice cream - cake


h) pasta - rice - beer


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the French Partitive Articles into Consideration


I drink some water. I eat some bread. I have some friends. I see some cats. I buy some books. I want some chocolate. I need some sugar. I love some music.


She drinks some coffee. She eats some cheese. She has some flowers. She sees some birds. She buys some clothes. She wants some ice cream. She needs some advice. She loves some songs.


5) About French Partitive Articles, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) J’ai du pain.

As-tu du pain?


b) Il mange de la viande.


c) Elle a des fleurs.


d) Nous avons du café.


e) Vous buvez du thé.


f) Ils veulent de la glace.


g) Elles mangent des légumes.


h) On a besoin de sucre.


i) Tu achètes des livres.


j) Je vois des chats.


k) Il veut du chocolat.


As we march towards the end of our splendid lesson, remember to take a moment to soak in all the new knowledge. You’ve worked hard, and just like a well-aged cheese, knowledge needs time to mature in the mind.

Oh, and do not forget to practice, practice, practice! The French language, like a delicious baguette, is best enjoyed often and with gusto.

So voilà, mon ami! I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through the land of ”French Partitive Articles”.

Remember, the road to learning is long but filled with many delightful sights. So, until next time, keep your mind open, your spirit willing, and your tongue ready for more French words. Au revoir and bon courage!


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