Colors German Exercises

german colors exercises

Hello, student! Today we are going to work on various exercises that will help you improve your understanding of German colors.

You will be engaged in different tasks that involve sentence structuring, translation, vocabulary building, and writing. These tasks will challenge you to apply your knowledge of German colors in various contexts. Let’s dive in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – German Colors


a) Bananen / sind / die / gelb

Die Bananen sind gelb.


b) blau / und / rot / violett / machen


c) hat / Moses / eine / gelbe / schere


d) Janine / die / ist / lieblingsfarbe / türkis


e) habe / ich / eine / dunkelrosa / mütze


f) hat / Carla / silberne / fingernägel


g) sind / die / socken / von / Franz / blau


h) ist / die / tasche / meiner / tochter / rosa / und / lila


i) sind / die / farben / von / weihnachten / rot / und / grün


j) liebe / ich / meine / silbernen / und / goldenen / ketten


k) sind / schwarz / und / weiß / monochrome / farben


2) Translate these Sentences – German Colors


a) I like the red apples.

Ich mag die roten Äpfel.


b) Yellow and blue make green.


c) The sky is blue and the clouds are white.


d) But they love the green apples.


e) My favorite colors are: purple, green, and magenta.


f) All the flowers were pink and yellow.


g) The color of my team is dark blue.


h) The walls of my bedroom are white and orange.


i) I can’t wait to use my golden shoes.


j) The skirt is lilac.


k) They want to buy the dark blue car.


l) It’s time to use our silver shirts.


m) That pencil is light orange.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of German Colors


a) Red – Yellow – Blue

Rot – Gelb – Blau


b) Purple - Pink - Green


c) Black - Gray - White


d) Brown - Beige - Orange


e) Turquoise - Teal - Gold


f) Silver - Copper - Bronze


g) Cream - Indigo - Maroon


h) Violet - Peach - Lavender


i) Charcoal - Ivory - Olive


j) Navy - Mint - Lime


k) Rust - Apricot - Cyan


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text Taking the German Colors into Consideration


On the beach, the blue sky contrasted with the yellow sand. The golden sun went down, and the dark blue sea turned black. Silvery gray stars appeared as we enjoyed our oranges and green grapes under the white moonlight.


Excellent work today! You’ve engaged with a wide range of exercises, and I hope these have helped you to feel more confident in using color terms in German.

Remember, practicing regularly is key to mastering a new language. Keep revising these exercises and try to incorporate these words into your daily conversations. Keep up the great work and continue exploring the beauty of the German language.


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