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exercises to practice languages

Since the world has become a global village, intermingling and connecting different nations is a common practice. Learning a second language other than your first one is very helpful in communicating with different people.

Some people learn it for professional reasons, and others want to learn another idiom out of interest. Whatever your reasons are, it is necessary to practice and retain the studied content, and below you can access the exercises.


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Use your second language as much as you can

When we are learning a new thing or a new language, many barriers and myths welcome us on the way. Many people fail to learn a new language just because they are so convinced that they cannot learn a new language at an elder age. Whereas others fail to learn it due to inconsistency and lack of focus in their efforts.

Here are some amazing tips for those who want to learn a second language.

So, let’s get in.

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Maths and language both come with practice. So, the first tip to learn a second language other than your home language is to practice as much as you can—practice at every possible event and place. This needs a strong will to learn.

There are plenty of ways to speak the target language as much as you can. For instance, put yourself in such situations where speaking the target language is inevitable. It can be a social platform where you commute with the people who speak your target language.

It can be your language partner to whom you can speak in the target language. Visit such places where your target language is often used; for example, if you are learning French, you can be a tour guide to the French people visiting your country.


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Fluency over accuracy

When we are trying to be perfect and top-notch, we often lose consistency in the process. When it is about learning a new language, you shouldn’t wait to perfect a language. Because you might lose the eagerness to be fluent in this struggle for accuracy.

Fluency is about expressing yourself and communicating your message without any hesitation. Whereas accuracy means to be correct, precise, and perfect. You can be fluent in any idiom without being 100% accurate.

When a child starts speaking, he is not either accurate or fluent. With time the first thing that comes is fluency, not accuracy. So, the same rule goes for learning a second language. If there are minor slip-ups and grammatical errors, you can ignore them.


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Invest time

Everything has a price in this world, but the price of one thing might differ from others. For sure, you can learn a new language without paying a single dime, but you cannot learn a new language without investing your time.

To learn a second language, you must dedicate a portion of your everyday routine to learning new words and phrases of that language and practice with exercises. Only this will help you succeed in achieving your aim of learning a new language.



Don’t rush – Set small goals

Trying to overfill your plate has no use. You cannot have everything on your plate, and the efforts of filling the plate also go in vain. Similarly, being too hurried and curious to learn a new language will not help you to learn it.

You might end up setting up overly optimistic goals that are not achievable.

The next tip for learning a second language from our plate is not rushing to learn everything about a language. Instead, make small goals that are easy to achieve. Celebrate the achievement of every small step because it will keep you motivated.


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Language partner

One and one make eleven. You can increase your learning speed immensely with the help of a language partner. When you are competing with yourself, you often become complacent. Having a language partner will always make you feel that there is someone you have to report to. In this way, you will be better and better every day.

Furthermore, a language partner will help you to learn the general vocabulary of the language, which is not explained under the formal expression from the sources you are learning from. By communication, you will be able to contextualize the use of different words, phrases, and expressions.


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Fun learning

If you can learn a thing in a fun way, why panic and take the stress? Yes, you can learn a second language without being stressed. There are some easy ways to take language learning from the ‘must-to-do’ list to entertainment activities.

Live gaming is one way to commute to the people who speak the language you are trying to learn. In this way, you will have a great opportunity to communicate in their home language and improve your second language.
Movies watching is probably something everyone loves.

You can also improvise your learning in movies.

Wondering how?

You can watch the movies in which your target language is spoken. If you are a beginner in a second language, subtitles are a great help. However, for an intermediate expert, you can understand contextualization by watching movies.


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Overcome fear of failure

Every winner is a loser who didn’t give up! You cannot fail until you don’t give up. When we are learning a new language, we often find ourselves in the dilemma of underestimating ourselves. You cannot win if you cannot overcome the fear of failure.

Overcome all the barriers that make you feel that you are not good at your second language. You should treat yourself with appreciation that you have the guts to learn a new language.

Learning new things opens arenas of new opportunities. You should never put barriers to your learning. Age is just a number, and you can learn anything no matter what stage of life you are in. Besides the tips and exercises to practice languages we have shared with you, hard work, consistency, and courage will make you get better every day!.

If the commuting ability has played a role in the survival of human beings, knowing different cultures, and learning new subjects, then language is just one part of it. You can do it, and you can win it.



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