Days, Months and Seasons Spanish Exercises

practice days months seasons spanish

Let’s practice days, months and seasons, but you must know that the exercises aren´t in order, so you must put a little more of effort on them.

They are made with two objectives:

1️⃣ that you really learn how it’s said each word in Spanish.

2️⃣ that you learn how to construct sentences with them.




1) Translate!


Martes ????????

Viernes ????????

Domingo ????????

Jueves ????????

Sábado ????????

Lunes ????????

Miércoles ????????

Semana ????????

Fin de semana ????????

Marzo ????????

Septiembre ????????

Abril ????????

Diciembre ????????

Junio ????????

Enero ????????

Febrero ????????

Agosto ????????

Octubre ????????

Julio ????????

Noviembre ????????

Mayo ????????

Mes ????????

Año ????????

Año nuevo ????????

Hoy ????????

Ayer ????????

Mañana ????????

Pasado mañana ????????

Anteayer ????????

Primavera ????????

Verano ????????

Otoño ????????

Invierno ????????


2) Choose the correct one!


1) Después del miércoles viene el _______.


2) Antes del domingo está el _____.


3) Antes del jueves está el _______.


4) Antes del martes está el ______.


5) Después de marzo viene _______.


6) Después de Octubre viene ______.


7) Antes de Junio está ______.


8) Después del invierno viene ______.


9) Después de Enero viene ______.


10) Antes de otoño viene ______.



3) English to Spanish!


a) Next friday I will go to the cinema.

El proximo viernes iré al cine.


b) You also work on sunday.


c) She visited France in summer.


d) I have been staying at his home every Saturday.


e) Mary needs someone who help her tomorrow.


f) Yesterday we went to the museum.


g) Every Tuesday they eat at the restaurant.


h) In may I will write a novel.


i) On modays my mom drink a lot of coffee.


j) In december Laura is going to do a christmas party.


l) The day before yesterday i win a prize.


m) I would like to go to japan in spring.



4) Pass from affirmative to negative and add the day!





a) Day 1

El domingo Erika no salió de compras con su amiga


b) Day 4


c) Day 6


d) Day 7


e) Day 9


f) Day 11


g) Day 12


h) Day 17


Practice las preposiciones ➚