Month: April 2018

Italian Nouns Exercises

We need Nouns / Nomi to talk about everything that surrounds us. Let’s learn a bit more about them, to start our great conversations!   1) From Masculine to Feminine and the other way around!   a. Gatto   Tavolo b. Maestro   Professore c. Uomo   Bambino d. Cognata  Poeta e. Regina  Mucca f. Palo   Attore  g. …

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Italian Pronouns Exercises

‘I pronomi’ are useful to avoid repetitions! Careful, sometimes pronouns and adjectives may be confused!   1) Complete with the right pronoun! ( ci – le – lui – di cui – in cui – loro – mi / ci – gli )   a) Paola  ha regalato due biglietti per il teatro. b) Marta …

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