French Comparative and Superlative – Difference

Comparative and Superlative french

Know when to use each one



The comparative


In French, all the adjectives use the comparative structures below. French doesn’t differentiate between short and long adjectives so the equivalent of ‘bigger than’ is ‘plus grand que’ (‘more big than’)


► more + adjective + than

► plus + adjective + que




Elle est plus amusante que lui.

She is more amusing than him.


Ma maison est plus proche que la tienne.

My house is closer than yours.


Son plat est plus chaud que le mien.

Her dish is hotter than mine.



► less + adjective + than

► moins + adjective + que




Le pantalon bleu est moins joli que le pantalon vert.

The blue trousers are less pretty than the green trousers.


La lampe est moins chère que le vase.

The lamp is cheaper than the vase.


Le buffet est moins rempli que la dernière fois.

The buffet is less full than last time.



► as+ adjective + as

► aussi + adjective + que




Ton chien est aussi grand que le mien.

Your dog is as tall as mine.


Ta chemise est aussi belle que la mienne.

Your shirt is as pretty as mine.


Notre sœur est aussi grande que notre cousine.

Our sister is as tall as our cousin.



The superlative


The superlative is used to describe that something it the most… or the least…


► le plus + adjective (make sure you agree the adjective with the noun it describes)

► the most + adjective


► le moins + adjective (make sure you agree the adjective with the noun it describes)

► the least + adjective



masculine singular feminine singular masculine/feminine plural
The most le plus la plus les plus
The least le moins la moins les moins





Elle est la plus intelligente dans la classe.

She is the smartest in the class.


Ce sont les plus beaux vêtements.

These are the prettiest clothes.


Tu es la moins travailleuse du groupe.

You are the least hardworking person in the group.



Some irregular superlatives


► le meilleur

► the best




C’est la meilleure équipe de la région.

It is the best team in the region.


Elle est la meilleure chanteuse de tous les temps.

She is the best singer of all time.


► le pire

► the worst




Il a les pires élèves dans sa classe.

He has the worst students in his class.


C’est la pire glace que je n’ai jamais mangé.

It is the worst ice cream I have ever eaten.



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