44 French Exercises for Beginners

french exercises for beginners

Bonjour, dear student! I’m thrilled to see you so enthusiastic about learning French. This wonderful language, full of charm and elegance, is sure to open many doors for you in the future.

Today, we’ll be focusing on some beginner-level exercises. These will aid you in building a solid foundation in French, from understanding the correct sentence structures and vocabulary to practising translation.

I believe that learning a language is not just about studying grammar rules, but also about immersing yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the language’s native speakers. So, let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Basic French Sentences


a) rouge / la / est / pomme

La pomme est rouge.


b) bonjour, / m'appelle / je / marie


c) à / l'école / va / il


d) manger / j'aime / pizza / la


e) nous / allons / au / parc


f) aimes / le / chocolat / tu / ?


g) avez-vous / un / chien / ?


h) mangent / des / bonbons / elles


i) Regarde / film / Paul. / ! / fantastique, / est / Ce


j) tu / canard / nourris / le / sophie, / ?


k) vous / des / vendez / est-ce / bonjour / pommes / monsieur, / que / ?


2) Translate these Sentences – Basic French Exercises


a) I eat an apple.

Je mange une pomme.


b) He goes to school.


c) You love chocolate.


d) She is beautiful.


e) We are going to the park.


f) They are eating candies.


g) This movie is fantastic.


h) Sophie, you feed the duck.


i) Sir, do you sell apples?


j) The apple is red.


k) My name is John.


l) Hello, my name is Marie.


3) Practice your Vocabulary – Basic French for Beginners


a) apple – school – chocolate

pomme – école – chocolat


b) beautiful - park - candies


c) movie - fantastic - duck


d) apple - red - name


e) hello - sell - sir


f) dog - cat - bird


g) book - pen - table


h) house - garden - kitchen


i) tree - hat - friend


j) love - night - dream


k) city - road - car


l) flower - mountain - river


m) food - drink - restaurant


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Considering Basic French Phrases


I am Lisa. I love cats. I have two cats at home. Their names are Snowy and Blacky. I feed them every day. I like to play with them. They are very cute.


He is Bob. He goes to school every day. He loves to read books. He has many books at home. His favorite book is 'The Little Prince'. He wants to be a writer in the future.


5) Based on Basic French Sentences, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) Je mange une pomme. ( Qui…)

Qui mange une pomme?


b) Il va à l'école. ( Qui...)


c) Tu aimes le chocolat. ( Qui...)


d) Elle est belle. ( Qui...)


e) Nous allons au parc. ( Qui...)


f) Ils mangent des bonbons. ( Qui...)


g) Ce film est fantastique. ( Quel...)


h) Sophie, tu nourris le canard. ( Qui...)


i) La pomme est rouge. ( Quelle...)


j) Je m'appelle John. ( Comment...)


Bravo! You’ve made it to the end of these French exercises for beginners. I hope you found them helpful and enjoyable. Remember, language learning is a journey, not a race. The key is consistency and practice.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, they are part of the learning process. Continue practicing, whether it’s through activities like these, watching French films, reading books, or conversing with a native speaker if you have the opportunity.

Keep up the good work, and soon, you’ll see the fruits of your efforts. Au revoir et à bientôt!


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