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french gerunds exercises

Bonjour! As your French teacher, I am here to introduce you to another important aspect of the French language – the Gerunds.

Just like in English, they play a crucial role in conveying action and activity in a sentence. They usually follow the preposition “en” and help in expressing an action that is happening at the same time as the action of the main verb.

Today, we will delve into several exercises to practice and better understand how to correctly use and recognize French gerunds in sentences.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Gerunds


a) de / en / faisant / tout / peux / manger / l’exercice / tu

Tu peux manger tout en faisant de l’exercice.


b) en / elle / regardant / la / TV / tricote


c) de / lire / en / il / aime / musique / écoutant / la


d) en / téléphone / elle / au / marchant / parle


e) en / des / nous / travaillant / prenons / notes


f) en / les / elle / chantant / prépare / repas


g) en / tu / ton / faisant / travail / peux / téléphoner


2) Translate these Sentences – French Gerunds Exercises


a) I read while listening to music.

Je lis en écoutant de la musique.


b) She is cooking while talking on the phone.


c) We learn by practicing.


d) He fell asleep while reading.


e) They improve by studying.


f) She earns money by working.


g) He lost weight by exercising.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) eating – walking – studying

manger – marcher – étudier


b) listening - playing - working


c) cooking - sleeping - practicing


d) reading - learning - running


e) talking - singing - watching


f) driving - dancing - writing


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the French Gerunds into Consideration


I am learning French by studying every day. While studying, I listen to French music. I improve my pronunciation by talking with native speakers. I enjoy learning about the French culture by reading books and watching French films.


She keeps fit by exercising daily. She listens to podcasts while running. She maintains her health by eating a balanced diet. She relaxes by meditating and practicing yoga.


5) About French Gerunds, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) J’apprends en étudiant. ( Comment…)

Comment apprends-tu?


b) Elle cuisine en parlant au téléphone. ( Que...)


c) Nous nous améliorons en pratiquant. ( Comment...)


d) Il s'est endormi en lisant. ( Que...)


e) Ils gagnent de l'argent en travaillant. ( Comment...)


f) Tu perds du poids en faisant de l'exercice. ( Comment...)


g) On s'amuse en dansant. ( Comment...)


Bravo! You’ve just completed a comprehensive study of French gerunds.

By putting sentences in order, translating sentences, expanding your vocabulary, practicing translation with context, and asking relevant questions, you’ve given yourself a strong foundation in this complex but vital part of French grammar. Remember, practice is key.

The more you practice using gerunds in your daily conversation, the more natural it will feel. I encourage you to continue practicing these exercises, and soon, using gerunds in French will be second nature to you. Keep up the good work! À bientôt!


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