4 French Grammar Exercises

french grammar exercises

Bonjour, mon petit croissant! Welcome back to our fun-filled language bakery where we knead La grammaire Française into palatable lessons that will leave you saying ‘C’est délicieux’!

Today, we are going to delve into the delicious world of French grammar. You see, it is like the yeast in our language bakery – it’s what makes your French rise to the occasion.

So, don your imaginary berets, make sure your moustaches are twirled just right and let’s dance our way through these quirky lessons!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Grammar


a) chien / avec / promène / mon / je / me

Je me promène avec mon chien.


b) vin / verre / un / tu / veux / de / ?


c) maison / est / grande / leur / vraiment / .


d) la / est / soupe / sur / la / table / .


e) aime / beaucoup / mon / frère / lire / .


f) vais / je / aller / cinéma / au / .


g) aime / elle / musique / la / écouter / .


h) sommes / nous / de / étudiants / bons / .


i) veulent / de / ils / pizza / manger / la / .


j) parents / tes / sont / en / ville / .


2) Translate these Sentences – French Grammar Exercises


a) She is eating an apple.

Elle mange une pomme.


b) They are playing soccer.


c) We live in a big house.


d) I am reading a book.


e) The cat is on the roof.


f) He wants to travel to Spain.


g) She has a lot of books.


h) Do you like chocolate?


i) He is a good doctor.


j) Where is the bathroom?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) verb – adjective – noun

verbe – adjectif – nom


b) pronoun - preposition - adverb


c) conjunction - interjection - article


d) noun phrase - verb phrase - adjective phrase


e) sentence - subject - object


f) direct object - indirect object - predicate


g) complement - modifier - clause


h) mood - tense - aspect


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the French Grammar into Consideration


My name is Anne. I love playing tennis and I play every Sunday with my friends. I have two cats at home, Bella and Luna. They are very playful. My favorite food is pasta. I am currently learning Spanish.


He is Paul. He is a doctor. He likes to read books in his free time. He has a dog named Bruno. His favorite sport is basketball. He is trying to learn how to cook.


5) About French Grammar, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) J’aime les chats.

Qui aime les chats?


b) Il travaille dans une banque.


c) Nous allons au cinéma.


d) Tu manges une pomme.


e) Ils ont trois chiens.


f) Elle parle français.


g) On joue au tennis.


h) Vous habitez à Paris.


i) Je suis professeur.


j) Tu aimes le chocolat.


Voilà! There you have it, ma petite baguette! You have done an excellent job today. Remember, mastering French is like baking a perfect soufflé. It might feel a bit intimidating at first, but with enough practice, you’ll pull it off beautifully.

So keep practicing these exercises, and soon enough, you’ll be flinging French grammar around like Julia Child flings flour. So, until our next delightful rendezvous, keep your French cooking in your mind’s oven. Au revoir and remember – keep it fun, keep it French!


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