4 French Prepositions Exercises

french prepositions exercises

Bonjour mon étudiant extraordinaire! Learning French is like preparing a soufflé, each layer must be meticulously placed to create the perfect masterpiece. And now, we are moving onto the next layer, the deliciously complex world of French prepositions.

Ooh la la, they can be a bit tricky, just like flipping crêpes, but do not worry, your French teacher is here with more engaging activities to help you master this. Alors, allons-y, shall we dive in?


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Prepositions


a) à / j’habite / maison / la

J’habite à la maison.


b) sous / chat / le / la / dort / table


c) derrière / il / est / l'arbre


d) bureau / sur / le / sont / les / livres


e) aller / à / aimerions / la / plage / nous


f) de / à / ma / est / côté / la / tienne / maison


g) d'orange / jus / dans / le / est / frigo / le


h) chez / Pierre / va


i) de / j'ai / vue / une / la / mer


j) chien / le / courait / parc / le / dans


2) Translate these Sentences – French Prepositions Exercises


a) The book is on the table.

Le livre est sur la table.


b) I live in Paris.


c) The cat is under the chair.


d) She is at school.


e) We are going to the cinema.


f) They are in the car.


g) She is behind the door.


h) The pen is in the drawer.


i) We play at the park.


j) The flowers are for you.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of French Prepositions


a) on – under – behind

sur – sous – derrière


b) in front of - next to - between


c) above - below - within


d) without - during - towards


e) against - among - with


f) across - through - to


g) of - in - at


h) for - over - under


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts


I live in New York. I work at a big company. My house is next to the park. I often go to the cinema with my friends. I love reading books on the balcony of my house. During the day, I usually work in my office.


She lives in Paris. She studies at the University. Her apartment is in front of the Eiffel Tower. She usually has breakfast at a small café near her apartment. She enjoys walking along the Seine. During the weekend, she likes to visit museums and art galleries.


5) About French Prepositions, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Je suis à la maison.

Où es-tu?


b) Le chat est sous la table.


c) Il est derrière l'arbre.


d) Les livres sont sur le bureau.


e) Nous allons au cinéma.


f) Ils sont dans la voiture.


g) Elle est derrière la porte.


h) Le stylo est dans le tiroir.


i) Nous jouons au parc.


j) Les fleurs sont pour toi.


Et voilà! Magnifique! Look at you!

You’ve whipped through those prepositions like a chef making meringue. Remember, just like the delicate layers of a mille-feuille, every part of the language is essential in achieving perfect fluency.

But keep practicing, mon ami. Language learning is not a race, it’s more like a leisurely stroll through the beautiful streets of Paris.

And remember, it’s okay to stop for a croissant (or two) along the way. Until our next rendezvous, au revoir, and keep speaking French. C’est formidable, isn’t it? À bientôt, my fantastic student!


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