How long to Learn French?

how long to learn french

There are more than 300 million native French speakers dispersed throughout all seven continents, making it not only one of the most extensively taught languages, but also one of the most spoken in the world.

As a result, it is the world’s fifth most widely spoken language, trailing only Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Arabic in terms of total number of speakers. It is essential in the fields of commerce and diplomacy since it is either an official language and a cultural dialect.

There are several reasons to study French. But learning takes time and effort, so how long does it take to learn French? When you’re developing, what elements do you need to consider? Is there anything you can do to make the process of learning more efficient and effective?


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How long it will take to learn a language?


CEFRL, which serves as a guideline document for Europe, can help us. For an elementary-level learner to graduate to an advanced level, many experts believe that it is necessary at least 600 hours to do so. This is, of course, a rough estimate; great importance relies on the specific circumstances and the total time learners dedicate to individual study.

Immersion in a dialect reduces the amount of time required to go from one level toward the next. For example, taking an intensive French program in France is the most effective approach to make a tremendous improvement. To begin with, the average time you are prepared to spend on your studies will have an impact on how long it takes you to learn a language.

Everyone knows that not everyone has the same amount of free time. This is especially true for stay-at-home mothers, students, and company leaders. Each can learn at their own rate, which might vary depending on variables such as age or how related the language you are attempting to develop is to your local dialect.


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Is learning French difficult?

In order to measure how long it takes to acquire an advanced level in a language, many experts are focusing their efforts on this subject as part of their research. It may comfort you to know that the Foreign Service Institute of the United States does not recognize French to be one of the toughest dialects to learn.

Russian, Mandarin, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, and Danish, keep their reputations as difficult languages to learn and understand. According to the prestigious American institute, it should require English speakers 23–24 weeks to acquire an advanced level of proficiency.

There are several strategies you can take to make the most of your study time, and it’s important to be aware of them. For example, right now you can practice with some French exercises ➚. Give it a try!



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