20 Top Good Reasons to Learn French

good reasons to learn french

Having the ability to communicate in a foreign language can open doors to new opportunities in your career, education, and travel. Due to its status as the official language of 29 countries throughout the world, French is one of the most popular choices for English speakers, and its numerous advantages may make it the best pick for you as well.

If you’re thinking about learning French but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve put up a list of compelling arguments that will persuade you to begin taking classes.

After all, what’s the point of studying French? What opportunities would this new language provide me? What are the benefits? You are hesitant since you are unsure of what this skill would do for you and what doors this would unlock in the future. Stay tuned! 20 compelling arguments for learning French will be presented in this article.



Why Learn French?


reason benefit

 A valuable asset in one’s professional life

The capacity to communicate well in both French and English is advantageous when seeking employment with one of the numerous global corporations that use French as their business language. France, as the world’s fifth-largest economy, draws entrepreneurs, academics, and the crème de la crème of international students from throughout the world.


reason benefit

 It is beneficial to the brain

Experts claim that speaking two languages makes you smarter and works to keep your mind sharp and healthy. It will assist you in developing your mental capacity, increasing your IQ, improving your focus, and expanding your problem-solving abilities. Apart from that, it improves your effectiveness in selecting activities, harnessing and maintaining your capacity to perform many things at the same time and enhancing your awareness and judgment capabilities.


reason benefit

 A benefit of studying in France

French unlocks doors to further study at some of France’s most prestigious colleges, frequently at extremely affordable rates. Learners with excellent knowledge of the French language may be entitled to a French government subsidy to register in a postgraduate program in France, resulting in a globally renowned postgraduate degree. Nice, right?


reason benefit

 Source of inspiration

It’s not recommended to study French in order to impress colleagues, relatives, or even strangers, and I do not believe that it is a good long-term incentive. But the ability to communicate in French can, on its own, make a positive impression on others around you, especially if you don’t make a point of displaying this talent. You may even become a great source of inspiration for others, encouraging them to take up French as a second language.


reason benefit

 It is not enough to speak one language

Being able to communicate in a second language is not sufficient these days. A student who is fluent in many languages will have a better opportunity to find a career, even when at home or in another country. Multilingualism expands one’s horizons and broadens one’s view of life.


reason benefit

 The International Relations Language

French is used as well as an official language by the European Union, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the International Red Cross and international courts. Anyone contemplating a future in any international organization will need to be fluent in French.


reason benefit

 A language of argumentation

French helps students arrange their thoughts and build critical thinking skills. It’s the dialect of illustrious philosophers and scientists. Students learn how to construct an argument and express multiple viewpoints when studying French, which are important abilities for conversations and agreements.


reason benefit

 A language that is enjoyable to study

To the contrary of common assumption, learning French is not a challenging language to master. Although it necessitates a certain amount of accuracy, it is also capable of conveying an incredible amount of nuance. It doesn’t take long to get to the point where you can converse effectively. There are a variety of ways available that make learning French pleasurable, even from the very beginning of one’s schooling. Students are drawn to French as well since it is a smooth, musical, and romantic dialect, which students find appealing.


reason benefit

 A high level of professionalism

French instructors are well-known for their dynamic, imaginative approaches as well as their high demands of their students. Because French has a well-deserved reputation for quality, pupils are often extremely motivated and achieve a high degree of competence in the language. The country also participates actively in providing training for French teachers working in other countries, ensuring that the courses they offer are of consistently high quality.


reason benefit

 Several exchange options

Students can easily communicate with French speakers. In France, there are several exchange programs that provide beneficial opportunities. Several French schools have partnered with peers throughout the world, forming a global education network that you can benefit from.


reason benefit

Continuing linguistic diversity

Using French as a second language offers a significant contribution to safeguarding linguistic variety across the world and preventing the exclusive dominance of a specific language.


reason benefit

 Found in every continent

On all five continents, 225 million people speak French. It is a prominent worldwide language. It is the world’s second most extensively taught and spoken dialect. Every continent teaches French, which is second only to English. France also has the largest worldwide network of cultural institutes, teaching French to about a million students.


reason benefit

 A cultural realm that is incomparable

France is frequently referred to as “the language of culture.” A French class is a voyage through the realms of fashion, food, the arts, architecture, and science, all while learning about the French language. It provides access to the masterpieces of famous French writers as well as other benefits. Comprehending the voices of great performers, as well as the joy of being able to grasp the lyrics of French songs, will certainly make your life better.


reason benefit

 Paris and France are wonderful

France is the most popular destination for tourists, with over 80 million people every year. The ability to communicate in even rudimentary French makes visiting Paris and all of France’s regions so much more delightful, and it also provides valuable insights into French culture, attitude, and mode of living. French is also useful while traveling to areas like Switzerland, Canada, Africa, Monaco, Seychelles, and other parts of the world.


reason benefit

 A language that broadens one’s horizons

Third most extensively generally utilized language on the Internet, behind only English and German, and ahead of both Spanish and Portuguese. Being able to communicate with and comprehend French speakers from all over the world, as well as news from the world’s main French-language international media, provides a different perspective on the world than other languages.


reason benefit

 The Enlightenment’s official language

The dialect of the international principles championed by the thinkers of the Enlightenment movement of the 18th century, who contributed to the dissemination of the concept of human rights over the globe.


reason benefit

 A language used to study other languages

Given that French is the mother tongue of over half of today’s English vocabulary, studying French is a useful starting point for learning new languages, particularly Romance related.


reason benefit

 Innovative language

Teaching French is a passion for many teachers, who enjoy putting on plays in French and involving their pupils in French-language theatrical cultural events. Being able to communicate in French allows youngsters to express themselves and acquire personality while speaking especially in public. Students can also learn via songs, given the large number of artists from the past and present who have recorded in the language.


reason benefit

 Special French international schools

More than 300,000 students are enrolled in French schools throughout a wide variety of nations. The fact that half of them are overseas students distinguishes the network of international French schools as exceptional.


reason benefit

 French is not difficult to learn

Do you really want to study a new language? French is the most straightforward option. With some exceptions, French and English have the same alphabet, and also more than 20% of their vocabulary terms are the same in both languages. Because the structure and syntax of both languages are very similar, learning French should be rather simple if you already understand English.

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doubts learning french

What are your reasons to study French?

There are several benefits of studying French, as you’ve read. You’ll meet a bunch of new acquaintances from France and other places if you study French continuously. You may even find love and decide to spend your life with him or her.

Regardless of this, your primary motivation for learning a new language should be your desire for it. Because you’re interested in learning more about the nation and culture.

But, if you don’t have a strong desire to learn, it will be a tedious, difficult, and unpleasant process. Hopefully, one, if not all, of these 20 reasons to learn French has provided you with the inspiration you require to begin your adventure.


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