4 French Indefinite Articles Exercises

french indefinite articles exercises

Alright class, today we’re going to dive into the world of French indefinite articles – “un”, “une”, and “des”. These are similar to ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘some’ in English.

I’ve prepared a mix of exercises for you all: fill in the blanks, sentence reordering, translation tasks, and multiple-choice questions.

The aim is to give you plenty of practice and help reinforce your understanding of when and how to use these articles correctly.

Indefinite articles Noun Examples
un Masculin singular Un crayon
une Feminine singular Une trousse
des plural Des objets


1) Fill in the blanks with the correct article un, une, des


a) Tu as dictionnaire de français?


b) avez enfants?


c) Oui, nous avons un garçon et fille.


d) Vous avez appartement à Paris?


e) Vous avez voiture?


f) Vous avez permis de conduire?


g) Hier, j’ai acheté livre à la librairie.


h) C’est bon livre.


2) Put the sentences in the right order. French Indefinite Articles


a) Nous / un / ordinateur / avons.

Nous avons un ordinateur


b) belle /une / maison / vous / avez


c) c’est / film / bon / un


d) père / un / vous / bon / êtes


e) j’/ voiture / une / petite / ai


f) jardin / grand / nous / un / avons


g) tu / grande / as / piscine / une


h) j’/ à / maison / chat / un / ai


3) Translate the sentences in French


a) I have a daughter.

J’ai une fille.


b) I have a car.


c) I have a french friend.


d) We have an apartment.


e) You have a good dictionary.


f) You have a son.


g) I have a notebook.


h) We know a good restaurant.


4) Choose the Correct Answer Considering the French Indefinite Articles


a) Nous avons ……….. chats.


b) Vous avez ……… perroquet?


c) Nous avons ……… poissons rouges.


d) Vous avez ……… animal de compagnie?


e) Tu dois apporter ……… cahier pour noter.


f) Tu as …………… gomme pour effacer?


g) Tu as …………… stylo bleu?


h) Non, j’ai …………… crayon.


Great job on these exercises! They are designed to help deepen your understanding of indefinite articles in French. Remember, they include various types of questions – everything from fill-in-the-blanks to sentence translation – to ensure you get comprehensive practice.

If you go back and review your work and correct any errors you might have made, it will help improve your French language skills and boost your confidence in using indefinite articles in your spoken and written French.

This is a crucial step in mastering French and becoming more proficient in the language. Keep up the good work!


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