4 French Imperative Mood Exercises

french imperative mood exercises

The French language is full of intricate moods and tenses that may initially confuse new learners. One such linguistic feature is the French Imperative Mood, which is primarily used for commands or requests.

To help you navigate this important aspect, we’ve prepared a set of activities. The first exercise involves sentence arrangement using the Imperative Mood, followed by a translation exercise that will help you understand how to use it in real-life contexts.

Finally, we’ve included a brief paragraph to give you some practice with writing in this style.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Imperative Mood


a) silence / Faites / s’il / vous / plait!

Faites silence, s’il vous plaît!


b) mange / maintenant / ton / dîner / !


c) de / arrêtez / fumer / !


d) le / et / continue / travail / persévère / !


e) tranquilles / soyez / !


f) de / l'argent / économise / !


g) travaillons / dur / nous


h) aux / répondez / questions / !


i) attention / fais / en / traversant / !


j) dans / mettez / ordures / les / la / poubelle / !


l) travail / ton / finis / !


m) à / la / retournons / maison / !


2) Translate these sentences – French Imperative Mood Exercises


a) Be quiet!

Sois tranquille!


b) Take your time.


c) Look at me.


d) Let's go home.


e) Come here.


f) Open the window.


g) Give me your hand.


h) Let's study.


i) Read this book.


j) Write your name.


l) Close the door.


m) Let's have fun.


3) Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text Taking the French Imperative Mood into Consideration

Listen to me, Paul. Don't be sad. Remember the good times and smile. Look around you. See the beauty of life. Breathe deeply and relax. Let's go for a walk. Let's enjoy this day.


We hope that these exercises provide a good starting point for understanding and using the French Imperative Mood.

By practicing sentence arrangement, translating sentences, and writing paragraphs, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of this essential element of French.

Remember, the key to mastering a new language is consistent practice. So, keep practicing with activities and before you know it, you’ll be using the French Imperative Mood with ease and confidence. Happy learning!


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