French Numbers 31 to 60 Exercises

french numbers 31 to 60 exercises

Bonjour, dear student! As your French teacher, I believe it’s crucial for you to grasp not just the basic French vocabulary but also to understand and utilize numbers effectively.

Numbers are not just for stating your age or counting; they are used in various daily scenarios like telling time, paying at a restaurant, and more. Today, we’re going to focus on French numbers from thirty-one to sixty.

This practice will enhance your language proficiency and confidence. We’ll go through exercises where we will arrange scrambled sentences, translate English sentences into French, practice number vocabulary, translate short texts, and formulate questions.

Remember, learning a language is an exciting journey. Let’s dive in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Numbers thirty-one to sixty


a) est / quarante / ans / âge / mon /.

Mon âge est quarante ans.


b) j'ai / livres / trente-trois


c) a / il / ans / trente-cinq / .


d) elle / a / trente-deux / élèves.


e) dans / j'ai / ma / trente-cinq / emails / boîte.


f) quarante / il / y / a / chats / .


g) d'étudiants / il / quarante-cinq / dans / a / ma / classe / y


h) à / invites / d'anniversaire / tu / ta / 35 / amis / fête


i) livres / bibliothèque / a / dans / la / elle / 60


j) à / ils / sont / allés / cinéma / au / 50 / personnes


k) veux / acheter / tu / roses / 55


l) y / il / voitures / a / soixante / dans / le / parking


2) Translate these Sentences


a) I am thirty years old.

J’ai trente ans.


b) You are thirty-one years old.


c) He is forty-two years old.


d) She is fifty-three years old.


e) We are fifty-four years old.


f) They are sixty years old.


g) You (plural) are thirty-five years old.


h) I have forty-six apples.


i) She has fifty-seven books.


j) We have sixty cars.


k) They have thirty-eight dogs.


l) You have forty-nine cats.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of French Numbers thirty-one to sixty


a) thirty-one – forty-two – fifty-three

trente et un – quarante-deux – cinquante-trois


b) thirty-two - forty-three - fifty-four


c) thirty-three - forty-four - fifty-five


d) thirty-four - forty-five - fifty-six


e) thirty-five - forty-six - fifty-seven


f) thirty-six - forty-seven - fifty-eight


g) thirty-seven - forty-eight - fifty-nine


h) thirty-eight - forty-nine - sixty


i) thirty-nine - fifty - fifty-one


j) forty - fifty-one - fifty-two


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts


I am 32 years old. I have 58 friends. I work in a company with 35 employees. I live in a building with 45 floors. My favorite number is 42.


He has 40 books. He lives in a house with 60 rooms. He has visited 50 countries. His father is 55 years old. His favorite number is 35.


5) About French Numbers thirty-one to sixty, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) J’ai trente et un ans. ( Quel…)

Quel âge as-tu?


a) Ils ont 45 ans. ( Combien...)


b) La course est de cinquante kilomètres. ( Quelle...)


c) Elle a lu soixante livres cette année. ( Combien...)


d) J'ai dépensé trente-six euros au supermarché. ( Combien...)


e) La salle peut accueillir cinquante-cinq personnes. ( Quelle...)


f) Il y a trente-sept chaises dans la salle. ( Quel...)


g) Nous avons quarante-huit heures pour terminer le projet. ( Quel...)


h) Le bâtiment a cinquante-neuf étages. ( Quel...)


i) Ils ont couru quarante-deux kilomètres. ( Quelle...)


Bravo! You have worked really hard today on French numbers from thirty-one to sixty. It’s impressive to see your dedication and commitment.

Remember, mastering a new language takes time and consistent practice, so don’t be discouraged if you’re finding it a bit challenging. It’s entirely normal.

We’ve covered a lot today – from arranging sentences to translating English into French, and even a little bit of creative writing. Keep practicing these exercises regularly, and you’ll see improvement in no time.

Numbers are the foundation of many conversations, and mastering them will significantly enhance your language skills. Looking forward to our next session, À bientôt!


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