French Numbers 1 to 30 Exercises

french numbers 1 to 30 exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we are going to delve into a fundamental aspect of the French language – numbers!

More specifically, we will focus on numbers from 1 to 30. This understanding is critical, as numbers permeate all areas of communication – from telling time to shopping, counting, and beyond. So let’s jump right in!

Here are a series of exercises designed to strengthen your grasp of French numbers. We will start with a simple matching exercise, then proceed with some sentence formation tasks to understand the usage better.

Afterward, we will transition to translating sentences containing numbers, followed by a vocabulary practice section. Finally, you’ll get a chance to write a bit and respond to some questions.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Numbers 1 to 30


a) ont / chiens / ils / trois

Ils ont trois chiens.


b) trois / a / il / frères


c) y / vingt / table / a / il / personnes / sur / la


d) avons / nous / ans / vingt-cinq


e) sont / quinze / ils / ans / vieux / de


f) huit / a / maison / la / étages


g) étudiants / la / classe / trente / dans / y / il / a


h) et / deux / a / voitures / il / motos / trois


i) j'ai / dix-sept / ans


j) d'années / avez-vous / combien / ?


2) Translate these Sentences – Numbers Exercises


a) I have three cats.

J’ai trois chats.


b) She is twenty years old.


c) They are fifteen years old.


d) We have twenty-five books.


e) There are thirty students in the class.


f) I have seventeen years.


g) How old are you?


3) Practice your Vocabulary of French Numbers 1 to 30


a) three – twenty – fifteen

trois – vingt – quinze


b) twenty-five - eight - thirty


c) two - seventeen - ten


d) five - twelve - twenty-two


e) thirteen - six - twenty-eight


f) seven - fourteen - nineteen


g) twenty-seven - nine - four


h) twenty-three - one - eighteen


i) sixteen - eleven - twenty-four


j) twenty-nine - twenty-one - twenty-six


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts


I am Emma. I am twenty years old. I have two sisters and one brother. My favorite number is five. I like playing basketball and reading books. My best friend's name is Anna. I have three pet cats named Max, Bella, and Snowy. I love to go to university and learn new things every day.


They are John and Mark. They are fifteen years old. They have four cats and three dogs. Their favorite number is twelve. They like playing football and reading comics. Their best friend's name is Sam. They love to go to school and learn new things every day.


5) About French Numbers 1 to 30, Guess the Questions to the Answers


a) J’ai vingt ans. (Quel…)

Quel âge as-tu?


b) Nous avons deux chiens. (Combien...)


c) Il a trente livres. (Combien...)


d) Elles ont dix-sept ans. (Quel...)


e) Vous avez vingt-cinq élèves. (Combien...)


f) Il a trois chats. (Combien...)


g) Nous avons quatorze crayons. (Combien...)


h) Elles ont dix-neuf ans. (Quel...)


i) J'ai treize voitures. (Combien...)


j) J'ai vingt-deux ans. (Quel...)


Bravo! You have done an excellent job completing all these exercises on French numbers from 1 to 30! Remember, learning a new language takes time and practice, so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get everything right the first time. Practice makes perfect, after all!

You’ve taken significant strides in your understanding of numbers today, and that’s something to be proud of. Try to incorporate them in your day-to-day language use to reinforce what you have learned.

Keep practicing, and you’ll continue to improve. I’m looking forward to our next lesson! À bientôt!


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