Italian Colors Exercises

italian color exercises

Ciao, studente! Today, we have a fantastic session planned that’s all about colors in Italian.

They are everywhere in our lives, and being able to discuss and describe them is a fundamental part of learning any language. Today’s session is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of Italian color vocabulary.

We will start with some exercises to reorder sentences, then move on to translations, practice our vocabulary, and finally, you’ll have a chance to use what you’ve learned in a short paragraph. So, are you ready to add some color to your Italian language skills? Let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Colors


a) sono / le / rosse / mele

Le mele sono rosse.


b) blu / fanno / giallo / e / verde


c) ha / penna / una / blu / Alessia


d) colore / turchese / è / il /Anna / di / il / preferito


e) rosa / un / chiaro / ho / berretto


f) Giada / unghie / argentate / ha


g) calzini / Luigi / di / sono / blu / i


h) mia / è / la / borsa / e / viola / rosa / della / figlia


i) Natale / di / e / sono / i / colori / rosso / verde


j) le / d'argento / e / amo / d'oro / catene / mie


k) bianco / e / monochrome / nero / sono / colori


2) Can you Translate these Sentences?


a) The flowers in the garden are pink.

I fiori nel giardino sono rosa.


b) Blue and yellow make green.


c) The sun is yellow and the sky is blue.


d) My mother likes the orange dress.


e) My favorite colors are: turquoise, silver, and gold.


f) The houses were all white and beige.


g) The color of our school is dark green.


h) The walls of my kitchen are yellow and red.


i) I can’t wait to wear my new silver shoes.


j) The shirt is purple.


k) They want to buy the dark red car.


l) It’s time to wear our golden watches.


m) The book cover is light blue.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of Italian Colors


a) Red – Yellow – Blue

Rosso – Giallo – Blu


b) Purple - Pink - Green


c) Black - Gray - White


d) Brown - Beige - Orange


e) Turquoise - Teal - Gold


f) Silver - Copper - Bronze


g) Cream - Indigo - Maroon


h) Violet - Peach - Lavender


i) Charcoal - Ivory - Olive


j) Navy - Mint - Lime


k) Rust - Apricot - Cyan


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Text Taking the Italian Colors into Consideration


Every morning, she puts on her burgundy dress and mustard shoes. She grabs her emerald purse and wears her pearl necklace. She then heads to the park where she sits on her favorite ash-colored bench.


In his room, there's a chartreuse rug and russet curtains. His cyan bedsheet matches the sky he sees through his window every morning.


5) About Italian Colors, write the obvious questions to the answers

a) Il mio colore preferito è il rosso.

Qual è il tuo colore preferito?


b) La mia auto è blu.


c) Ho comprato una camicia verde.


d) I fiori nel mio giardino sono gialli.


e) Il cielo è azzurro.


f) Il muro della mia stanza è bianco.


g) La mia borsa è nera.


h) Ho una sciarpa viola.


i) La mia bicicletta è rosa.


j) Il mio cappello è grigio.


k) Le mie scarpe sono marroni.


Bravo, studente! You’ve done a fantastic job today. Through these activities, you’ve enhanced your understanding of Italian color vocabulary.

You’ve not only learned the names of different colors but also how to use them in context, which is essential for communicating effectively in Italian. It’s always rewarding to see the world through a new language’s lens.

Keep practicing, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises if you need a refresher. Until next time, continua a esercitarti (keep practicing) and buona giornata (have a good day)!


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