5 Italian Conditional Tense Exercises

italian conditional tense exercises

Buongiorno, studenti! Today, we will embark on a linguistic journey through the Italian Conditional Tense. This mood is essential for expressing wishes, possibilities, hypothetical scenarios, and polite requests.

Understanding and mastering the conditional tense will greatly enhance your ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions in Italian.

As we move through these exercises, pay close attention to the structure and usage of the conditional, and how it compares with English. By the end of our lesson, you will be able to express what you would do in hypothetical situations with confidence.

Let’s begin with reordering some sentences to see the conditional in action, and then we will translate sentences from English to Italian, increasing your fluency and understanding of this important aspect of the Italian language.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Conditional Tense


a) vorrei / io / gelato / del

Io vorrei del gelato.


b) andresti / con me / al cinema / Tu / ?


c) farebbe / Mio / fratello / i compiti / se / avesse / tempo


d) una casa / al mare / comprerebbero / loro / se / potessero


e) se / potremmo / viaggiare / i / insieme / avessimo / soldi


f) mangerei / pizza / stasera / io / se / non fossi / a dieta


g) se / potresti / aiutarmi / tempo / domani / avessi / ?


h) se / verrebbero / i / amici / in vacanza / con me / avessero / abbastanza / soldi / miei


i) vivrebbe / una / città / più piccola / Lei / se / potesse / scegliere. / in


j) parlerebbe / più / Mario / se / avesse / più tempo / lingue


k) tanto / Userebbe / non / bicicletta / più spesso / se / piovesse / così / la


l) se / sarebbe / la / più / trascorresse / tempo / con / famiglia / felice


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Conditional Tense Exercises


a) I would like to learn Italian.

Vorrei imparare l’italiano.


b) Would you come to the party if you were free?


c) He would buy a new car if he had the money.


d) We could go for a walk if it stopped raining.


e) She would travel around the world if she could.


f) They would sell their house if they got a good offer.


g) Would you eat meat if you were not a vegetarian?


h) I would visit my grandparents more often if I lived closer.


i) If we won the lottery, we would travel to Italy.


j) She would finish the work by tomorrow if she started now.


k) I would be happy if you stayed for dinner.


l) If it were possible, I would change jobs.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Would like – Could – Would be

Vorrei – Potrei – Sarei


b) Would travel - Would live - Would work


c) Could speak - Would understand - Would have


d) Should - Would eat - Would go


e) Could see - Would bring - Would take


f) Would make - Could do - Should say


g) Would send - Could write - Would read


h) Would sleep - Could come - Should begin


i) Would stay - Could leave - Would be able to


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Conditional Tense into Consideration


If I had more time, I would dedicate myself to painting, creating canvases full of color and life, capturing the beauty of nature and the complexity of human emotion, and perhaps, I would even hold my own exhibition one day.


Would you consider living abroad? Imagine a life filled with adventure, learning new languages, and experiencing different cultures. It's a chance to reinvent yourself, to build a new career, and to find unexpected happiness in the daily nuances of a new place.


5) About Italian Conditional Tense, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) Vorrei andare al concerto stasera. (Ti…)

Ti piacerebbe andare al concerto stasera?


b) Comprerei quel libro se non costasse troppo. (Che...)


c) Verrebbe con noi se non avesse già un impegno. (Chi...)


d) Mangerei sushi ogni giorno se non fosse così caro. (Cosa...)


e) Se potessi, viaggerei in Giappone. (Dove...)


f) Saremmo andati al mare se non avesse piovuto. (Dove...)


g) Potrei aiutarti con i compiti domani. (Quando...)


h) Se fosse meno freddo, faremmo una gita. (Cosa...)


i) Parlerei spagnolo se avessi vissuto in Spagna per un anno. (Che lingua...)


Bravi, studenti! You’ve done an excellent job working through these exercises on the Italian Conditional Tense.

By now, you should feel more comfortable with how to structure sentences to reflect desires, hypothetical situations, and polite requests.

Practice is key to mastery, so I encourage you to keep using the conditional in your daily Italian practice.

Try to imagine different scenarios where you can apply this tense, write them down, or even better, find a language partner to practice speaking.

With continuous effort and a bit of creativity, you’ll find that the conditional tense will become a natural part of your Italian conversations. Ottimo lavoro oggi, e ricordatevi di continuare a praticare. Alla prossima lezione!


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