Italian Infinitive Verbs Exercises

italian infinitive verbs exercises

Ciao, cari studenti! Welcome to today’s lesson where we are going to dive deep into the world of Italian infinitive verbs.

They are a crucial part of the Italian language, serving as the base form of the verb before any conjugation takes place. Today’s exercises are meticulously designed to help you grasp the concept and usage of these verbs in different contexts and sentences.

Remember, practice is key when learning a new language, and these activities will provide you with ample opportunities to practice, understand, and master its use. Andiamo!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Infinitive Verbs


a) mangiare / mi / gelato / piace

Mi piace mangiare gelato.


b) fare / vuole / sport / Marco


c) a / andare / Londra / desiderano


d) i / dobbiamo / fare / compiti.


e) posso / il / tuo / telefono / useare / ?


f) leggere / prima / di / dormire / amo


g) deve / finire / progetto / lei / il


h) ascoltare / musica / mentre / lavoro / mi / piace


i) non / mangiare / posso / la / carne


j) la / imparare / a / suonare / chitarra / voglio


k) devono / fare / la / spesa / loro


l) al / con / vuoi / venire / cinema / me / ?


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Infinitive Verbs Exercises


a) I like to swim in the sea.

Mi piace nuotare nel mare.


b) We need to study for the exam.


c) He wants to buy a new car.


d) She can speak three languages.


e) They prefer to travel by train.


f) I have to clean my room.


g) Do you want to dance with me?


h) It’s necessary to book the tickets in advance.


i) We can meet at the park.


j) I love to cook Italian food.


k) It’s fun to play video games.


l) She likes to read books.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) To eat – To drink – To sleep

Mangiare – Bere – Dormire


b) To run - To walk - To swim


c) To speak - To listen - To understand


d) To have - To be - To do


e) To buy - To sell - To pay


f) To work - To study - To learn


g) To read - To write - To draw


h) To drive - To travel - To fly


i) To cook - To eat out - To order


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Infinitive Verbs into Consideration


She loves to spend her weekends in the countryside, enjoying the fresh air and the tranquility. She usually takes long walks, prefers to photograph nature, and loves to read under the shade of a tree.


He has decided to dedicate more time to himself. He wants to start meditating, learn to cook healthy meals, and make time to play his favorite instrument, the guitar.


5) About Italian Infinitive Verbs, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Voglio imparare a parlare italiano. (Cosa…)

Cosa vuoi imparare a parlare?


b) Preferisco studiare di mattina. (Quando...)


c) Mi piace ascoltare musica mentre lavoro. (Cosa...)


d) Devo andare al supermercato dopo il lavoro. (Dove...)


e) Posso usare il tuo telefono? (Posso...)


f) Vuole comprare una nuova macchina. (Cosa...)


g) Dobbiamo fare i compiti prima di uscire. (Cosa...)


h) Loro preferiscono viaggiare in treno. (Come...)


i) Mi piace nuotare nel mare. (Dove...)


j) Lei sa parlare tre lingue. (Quante...)


Bravi studenti! You’ve done an exceptional job today working through these exercises on Italian infinitive verbs. Your hard work and dedication to learning have truly shone through.

Remember, the infinitive form is the foundation of mastering verb conjugations and is essential for building correct and fluent sentences in Italian. Keep practicing, as consistency is your best friend in the journey of language learning.

Feel free to revisit these exercises anytime you need a refresher. Until our next lesson, continue immersing yourself in the beautiful Italian language and culture. A presto e buon lavoro a tutti!


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