Managing Motivation Levels When Learning to Speak Spanish

Managing Motivation

It does not matter what project we begin, an intense form of routine, a special course of food, or a new recreational pursuit, those first weeks are make cheerful and we don’t wait to have time for our new-found adventure. Analgesic effects are igniting in our brains, and our motivation is at maximum demand.

It is common that no matter how much we are fond of our new activity, after a period of time, our hunger can become less. This is a perfect time to ask ourselves why we are learning Spanish:

Do you live in a Spanish speaking community, or planning to? Are you planning a study exchange to a Spanish speaking country? Or would you like a whole new challenge and have always loved the Spanish language and its culture? All of these are brilliant reasons to maintain your Spanish study. Picture the achievement!

PICTURE yourself at the end goal. Speak Spanish in your new community, or ordering a drink in Spanish on that trip of a lifetime. Or my personal favorite, picture yourself impressing your peers with your ability to speak Spanish. This method is an extremely powerful tool and has allowed many people to achieve their goals not only in learning to speak Spanish, but many other areas of life.

When that end goal picture is firmly planted in your mind it is time to develop a plan. You know that that picture is going to be much better if you can hablas espanol con confidencia, and a lot more fun! It is very important to remind yourself of your motivation as often as possible, and keep that excitement alive. Picture your goal in your mind and see yourself doing it.

It is not hard to persuade ourselves we just don’t have the time for things; these days, all of us lead very busy and stressful lives. Do you really want to learn Spanish? Make the time! It could be when your children have gone to bed in the evening, or even before you start the day. It could be that time when there is nothing on TV and you are just relaxing.

Decide for yourself that learning Spanish is a priority in your life and create a consistent time each day, for at the very least three times a week to give to your Spanish learning, and stick to it, just as you would a meeting for you job or business. If you do this you will definitely reap the rewards! Make your study a Priority.

You have already decided that learning to speak Spanish is an important part of your life. Reinforce the idea that you plan to work through your chosen Learn Spanish course at times that work well for studying, when and where you won’t be disturbed, and can really concentrate. At the start of the week, look ahead to your study times, and imagine yourself learning (and loving!) your new language.

It’s not hard to put new things aside in favor of all the urgent ones. Well, you just made this as more important; It is necessary! Now make sure you have a Proposal of how you will reach your goals.

Try and decide how much time you will allocate to learning. The increased amount of information you take in, the more you have to remember. To keep it all understandable, it is important you make time to practice. Remember to use your best learning style ,and try to use as many senses as possible. I cannot stress this enough that one of the most vital feature to learning to speak a language is practice.

One common reason why motivation can decrease is when something is not interesting, and your practicing is no longer fun. Try and think of when you last had fun – what was the reason for it being fun? Quite likely it was something new and exciting, something you don’t normally do – driving a new car, meeting a new friend, watching a new movie.

On the other hand, imagine viewing the same movie again and again…Despite how much you love it the first time, your brain is going to realise that the same old info is going in the same old way and it will start to stroll off to other interests. This is not advantageous for your study.

So, keep it lively and fresh! Study in a new environment! Develop a new way to use your learning style. Try and think to yourself in Spanish, find a new person who is also learning Spanish to practice with.. All of these different things will inform your brain that this is fun, and your brain will thank you for the refreshment by remembering it all with increased state of quality. Or in other words, Engage in Games and enjoyment!

The main points, how are you going to improve your learning? Picture yourself using the language: remember your end goal.

Prioritize! Learning Spanish is important to you, and is now a major part of your life, make sure you prioritize accordingly!

Plan: Do not hit and miss! You must make time for your new priority and make sure you stick to the plan.

Practice: It takes three weeks to create a new habit, and discipline is a vital part of this. Treat yourself every time you work on your course (chocolate is a personal favorite!), and find ways to practice, practice, practice!..

Engae in Games: Even learning the wonderful language of Spanish can get a little monotonous. This is bad for your learning. Find new ways to enjoy yourself, and have fun!

Learning Spanish is the most difficult at the start. These tips will go someway to getting you past the point that you find difficult. Trust me, the end result is worth all the effort. Speaking Spanish is not only a life enriching experience but will give you the chance to discover many more friendships with Spanish speaking people!


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