French Passive Voice Exercises

french passive voice exercises

Bonjour, my dear student! Today we are going to delve into a very important aspect of the French language: the Passive Voice. This grammatical structure, while somewhat challenging at first, is essential to communicate effectively in French.

It allows us to describe a situation where the subject of the sentence is acted upon by the verb, placing the emphasis on the action rather than the doer.

But don’t worry! I have prepared a variety of exercises to help you master this concept. I hope you’re ready for a new French adventure!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – French Passive Voice


a) est / nourriture / préparée / ma / par / chef / le

Ma nourriture est préparée par le chef.


b) le / est / par / gagné / match / nous


c) est / livre / par / écrit / le / l'auteur


d) la / est / la / police / par / ville / protégée


e) est / voiture / par / réparée / ma / mécanicien / le


f) est / par / robe / créée / la / styliste / le


g) est / maison / par / construite / l'architecte / la


h) sont / par / travailleurs / les / les / respectés / patrons


i) est / film / par / dirigé / le / réalisateur / le


j) par / gérée / l'entreprise / le / PDG / est


k) sont / les / par / reçus / invités / l'hôte


l) est / chanson / par / la / écrite / compositeur / le


2) Translate these Sentences – French Passive Voice Exercises


a) The food is prepared by the chef.

La nourriture est préparée par le chef.


b) The match is won by us.


c) The book is written by the author.


d) The city is protected by the police.


e) My car is repaired by the mechanic.


f) The dress is created by the designer.


g) The house is built by the architect.


h) The workers are respected by the bosses.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) protected – respected – built

protégé – respecté – construit


b) written - prepared - won


c) repaired - created - loved


d) forgotten - found - bought


e) sold - received - taught


f) cooked - washed - called


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the French Passive Voice into Consideration


The cake was made by Mary. She is known for her baking skills. The cake was enjoyed by everyone at the party. It was decorated beautifully. The ingredients were carefully selected by her.


The football match was won by the home team. The trophy was lifted by the captain. The match was watched by thousands of fans. The players were cheered loudly. The victory was celebrated throughout the city.


5) About French Passive Voice, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Le livre est écrit par l’auteur. (Qui…)

Qui a écrit le livre?


b) La ville est protégée par la police. (Qui...)


c) Ma voiture est réparée par le mécanicien. (Qui...)


d) La robe est créée par le styliste. (Qui...)


e) La maison est construite par l'architecte. (Qui...)


f) Les travailleurs sont respectés par les patrons. (Qui...)


g) Le gâteau a été fait par Mary. (Qui...)


h) Le match de football a été remporté par l'équipe à domicile. (Qui...)


Bravo! The Passive Voice might have seemed complex at the beginning, but remember, practice is key when learning a new language. The more you practice, the more natural it will become to you.

I recommend that you continue to practice these structures and concepts in your everyday French conversation and writing.

Also, try to spot the Passive Voice when you’re reading in French or listening to French media. That will greatly help reinforce what you have learned today. Until next time, keep up the good work, and au revoir!


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