French Travel Vocabulary Exercises

french travel vocabulary exercises

Today we’re going to dive into an important aspect of language learning that you’ll find invaluable when exploring Francophone countries or communicating with French speakers – the travel vocabulary!

These activities will help familiarize you with common phrases, questions, and vocabulary used when traveling.

By the end of this exercise, you should be able to construct basic sentences relating to travel, translate sentences and French, and familiarize yourself with key French travel vocabulary. So let’s embark on this fun linguistic journey!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order


a) à / nous / allons / plage / la

Nous allons à la plage.


b) j'aime / voyager / et / visiter / musées / les


c) l'avion / je / préfère / prendre


d) suis / je / en / vacances / à / Rome


e) sommes / en / nous / train / Paris / de / visiter


f) en / vas-tu / train / où / ?


g) des / voulez-vous / cartes / postales / acheter / ?


h) bagages / elles / ont / leurs / oublié / à / l'hôtel


i) belle / vue / vraiment / est / cette / !


j) prends / tu / photos / des / belles / de / paysages / ?


l) ton / où / est / passeport / ?


m) à / visitez-vous / des / monuments / Paris / ?


2) Translate these Sentences – French Travel Vocabulary


a) I like to travel.

J’aime voyager.


b) We are visiting Paris.


c) I am going to the beach.


d) Where is the train station?


e) The hotel is very comfortable.


f) Do you have a map?


g) The flight is delayed.


h) We are going to a museum.


i) I bought souvenirs.


j) She took many beautiful photos.


l) Where is your luggage?


m) We love exploring new cities.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of French Travel


a) beach – map – suitcase

plage – carte – valise


b) flight - museum - souvenirs


c) tickets - hotel - passport


d) train station - tourist - luggage


e) restaurant - monuments - city


f) trip - photos - guide


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text Taking the French Travel Vocabulary into Consideration


I am Maria. I love to travel. My favorite city is Paris. I like to visit museums and eat local food. I always take many photos and buy souvenirs. My suitcase is always full. I can't wait for my next adventure.


Great job on completing these exercises! By now, you should have a better understanding and practical usage of French travel vocabulary.

This will significantly enhance your confidence and ability to communicate while traveling in French-speaking regions. Remember, practice is key in language learning, so make sure to review and practice these terms and phrases regularly.

Next time when you plan your holiday, remember to take your French with you and use it in real-world contexts. Keep up the good work, and continue enjoying your learning journey! Until our next lesson, bon voyage!


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