Spanish Colors Exercises

spanish colors exercises

Hello, dear student! Today, we are going to dive into the colorful world of the Spanish language.

We will be focusing on Spanish color vocabulary, understanding its use in various sentence structures, and practicing how to correctly translate sentences involving these colors from English to Spanish.

This exercise is meant to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary, improve your translation skills, and better comprehend sentence structure.

What you must know about colors in Spanish is that when they are working as an adjective they are affected by the noun.

In other words, if the noun is feminine and plural… the adjective will also be feminine and plural:


Las flores rosadas/ Los zapatos anaranjados,


But this rule has exceptions…


Colors like azul, verde, lila and so on, don´t change the genre, but it still change the number:

ex: las mesas azules, los globos verdes



colors 2


practice spanish


1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Spanish Colors


a) son / bananas / amarillas / las

Las bananas son amarillas.


b) dan / y / rojo / morado / azul


c) Moisés / tijera / amarilla / una / tiene


d) Janine / el / claro / de / favorito / el / es / color / turquesa


e) una / tengo / yo / oscuro / gorra / magenta / color


f) tiene / las / Carla/ uñas / plateadas


g) azules / Francisco / las / son / medias / de


h) mi / de / es / rosado / hija / bolso / lila / y


i) rojo / colores / de / navidad / son / la / y / verde


j) cadenas / yo / plateadas / y / amo / doradas / mis


k) monocromáticos / el / blanco / son / y / colores / negro / son


2) Translate these Sentences – Spanish Colors


a) I like red apples.

Me gustan las manzanas rojas.


b) Yellow and blue make green.


c) The sky is blue and the clouds are white.


d) But they love the green apples.


e) My favorite colors are: purple, green, and magenta.


f) All the flowers were pink and yellow.


g) The color of my team is dark blue.


h) The walls of my bedroom are white and orange.


i) I can’t wait to use my golden shoes.


j) The skirt is lilac.


k) They want to buy the dark blue car.


l) It’s time to use our silver shirts.


m) That pencil is light orange.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of Spanish Colors


a) Red – Yellow – Blue

Rojo – Amarillo – Azul


b) Purple - Pink - Green


c) Black - Gray - White


d) Brown - Beige - Orange


e) Turquoise - Teal - Gold


f) Silver - Copper - Bronze


g) Cream - Indigo - Maroon


h) Violet - Peach - Lavender


i) Charcoal - Ivory - Olive


j) Navy - Mint - Lime


k) Rust - Apricot - Cyan


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text Taking the Spanish Colors into Consideration


On the beach, the blue sky contrasted with the yellow sand. The golden sun went down, and the dark blue sea turned black. Silvery gray stars appeared as we enjoyed our oranges and green grapes under the white moonlight.


5) Write down the colors of the flags (separate the colors with commas)


colors flag


a) Chile

Azul oscuro, blanco, rojo


b) Argentina


c) Brazil


d) Trinidad y Tobago


e) Venezuela


f) Suriname


g) Bolivia


h) Guyana


Excellent work today, student! I hope these activities have helped you gain a greater understanding of Spanish colors, their uses, and how to structure sentences around them.

Remember, practice is key when learning a new language, so don’t hesitate to use these new words and structures in your daily conversations.

Continue reviewing and practicing what we covered today, and you’ll find yourself becoming more comfortable and fluent with Spanish ”colores”. Keep up the good work, and until next time, happy learning!


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