17 German Exercises for Beginners

german exercises for beginners

Dear Student, as you continue your journey into the exciting world of the German language, it’s important that we lay a strong foundation for your learning.

In this lesson, we will focus on basic German activites for beginners. If you want to access the full list of exercises click here.

You’ll practice arranging sentences, translating phrases, enhancing your vocabulary, and finally, you’ll get the chance to utilize your learned vocabulary in a written format. Let’s dive in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – German Activities for Beginners


a) kommt / woher / er / ?

Woher kommt er?


b) guten / sagen / morgen / sie


c) name / mein / ich / Markus / bin / und / groß / ist


d) jahre / alt / ich / bin / zwanzig


e) München / ich / komme / aus


f) bin / koch / ich / ein


g) schön / dich / zu / treffen


2) Can you translate these easy Sentences?


a) My name is John.

Ich heiße John.


b) I am 25 years old.


c) I come from Berlin.


d) I am glad to meet you.


e) Goodbye!


f) She is a teacher.


g) He comes from Frankfurt.


h) I am a student.


3) Practice your Vocabulary with German Exercises for Beginners


a) Hello – Goodbye – Nice to meet you

Hallo – Auf Wiedersehen – Schön, dich zu treffen


b) Good morning - Good afternoon - Good night


c) I am - You are - He/She is


d) My name is - I come from - I am a


4) German Activities for Beginners – Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text


Hello! My name is Emily. I am 30 years old and I come from Hamburg. I am a doctor. Nice to meet you!


Well done on completing these exercises on German activities for beginners.

As you can see, these basic phrases and sentences form the core of everyday conversations in German. They’re your first steps towards being able to communicate effectively in a German-speaking environment.

Continue to practice these sentences and vocabulary until they become second nature. Your dedication and hard work are key in mastering any language. Keep up the good work, and stay tuned for more!


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