Useful Phrases in German Exercises

german useful phrases exercises

Hello, student! Today we will be focusing on improving your German language skills. We are going to work on understanding, translating, and using some of the most common and useful phrases in the German language.

By the end of this exercise, you will have a better grasp of daily conversational German, which will greatly help you in real-life interactions. Let’s begin!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Useful Phrases in German


a) es / kostet / wie / viel?

Wie viel kostet es?


b) wir / treffen / um / uns / 6 uhr


c) verzeihung / entschuldigen / sie / bitte / mich,


d) helfe / ich / gerne / ihnen


e) sie / möchten / speisekarte / die / sehen?


f) weiß / das / ich / nicht


g) ich / mache / urlaub


h) glück / viel / ihnen / ich / wünsche


i) es / wie / geht / dir?


j) öffnen / um / geschäfte / 9 / die / uhr


k) guten / sie / tag / haben / einen


2) Translate these Sentences – Useful Phrases in German


a) Where is the bathroom?

Wo ist die Toilette?


b) I would like a coffee, please.


c) Could you repeat that, please?


d) I don't understand.


e) I am sorry, but I am late.


f) Can you help me?


g) I'm looking for a restaurant.


h) I need a taxi.


i) How are you?


j) Have a nice day.


k) The shops open at 9 o'clock.


l) How much does it cost?


m) I'm on vacation.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of Useful Phrases in German


a) Good Morning – Good Night

Guten Morgen – Gute Nacht


b) How are you? - I'm fine, thank you.


c) What is your name? - My name is...


d) Please - Thank you


e) Yes - No


f) Excuse me - I am sorry


g) I would like to order... - Check, please.


h) Can you help me? - I can help you.


i) Good day - Goodbye


j) Where is...? - It is there.


k) How much is...? - It costs...


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating this Small Text Taking the Useful Phrases in German into Consideration


Good morning! I'm looking for the museum. Can you help me? How much is the entry fee? Oh, I see. Thank you very much. I would like to order a coffee now. I'm a bit tired. Thanks again. Have a nice day!


Excuse me, I'm looking for the train station. Can you show me the way? Thank you very much. And how much does a ticket to Berlin cost? Oh, that's more expensive than I thought. But I guess I don't have another choice. I wish you a good day!


Well done on completing today’s exercises! It’s fantastic to see you working hard on improving your language skills. The phrases we’ve worked on today are some of the most frequently used in everyday German conversation.

Remember, regular practice is the key to mastering a language. Keep revisiting these phrases until they become second nature. I’m looking forward to our next session where we’ll continue enhancing your German skills. Keep up the good work!


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