5 Italian Adverbs of Place Exercises

italian adverbs of place exercises

Buongiorno, studenti! Today, we’re going to dive into the world of Italian adverbs of place. These little words are powerful tools to bring precision and color to your descriptions of locations and settings.

They can transform a simple sentence into a vivid picture that captures the essence of Italian life. So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey and discover how to express exactly where things are in the beautiful Italian language.

Get ready to explore, from ‘qui’ to ‘là’, and ‘sopra’ to ‘sotto’, and by the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to paint a picture with words just like a true Italian artist. Andiamo!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Adverbs of Place


a) qui / sono / I / libri

I libri sono qui.


b) a / me / siediti / vicino


c) a destra / la banca / è / ?


d) il supermercato / là / è / ?


e) sopra / il gatto / il divano / è / ?


f) dov'è / ? / dietro / la casa. / è / il cane


g) il museo / davanti / piazza / si trova / alla


h) vado / in / in / vacanza / montagna


i) al / il ristorante / accanto / è / cinema


j) venire / qui / non / possono / i bambini


k) lontano / è / la stazione / da / quanto / qui / ?


l) una / in / fondo / c'è / alla / strada / farmacia


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Adverbs of Place Exercises


a) The keys are on the table.

Le chiavi sono sul tavolo.


b) Where is the nearest pharmacy?


c) The park is behind the school.


d) Please, sit here next to me.


e) The cat jumped onto the roof.


f) The bus stop is right in front of you.


g) You will find the towels in the closet.


h) They are playing in the garden.


i) The hotel is located between the bank and the post office.


j) My house is far from here.


k) The shoes are under the bed.


l) Turn left at the intersection.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Here – There – Everywhere

Qui – Là – Ovunque


b) Inside - Outside - Above


c) Below - Near - Far


d) Around - Through - Between


e) Beside - Against - Underneath


f) Across - Towards - Along


g) Upstairs - Downstairs - Outside


h) Right here - Over there - In front


i) In the middle - At the end - To the side


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Adverbs of Place into Consideration


In his cozy office, there’s a small fireplace against the wall, a bookshelf filled with legal tomes stands to the side, and a classic green desk lamp sits atop the desk, which is right in the center of the room, offering a sense of order and tradition.


Her charming kitchen is a bustling hub of activity; a large, rustic wooden table stands in the middle where the family gathers, pots and pans hang above the island, and all around, the aroma of spices and fresh herbs fill the air, inviting anyone who steps through the door to join in the cooking.


5) About Italian Adverbs of Place, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Il mio ufficio è lì, accanto al caffè. (Dove…)

Dove è il tuo ufficio?


b) Il gatto è sotto il tavolo. (Dove...)


c) La libreria è tra il divano e la finestra. (Dove...)


d) Si, i fiori sono intorno alla fontana. (Sono...)


e) I documenti? Sono nel cassetto. (Dove...)


f) L'autobus ferma proprio davanti all'ingresso dell'hotel. (Dove...)


g) La mia casa è all'ultimo piano dell'edificio. (Dove...)


h) La scuola è a dieci minuti da qui, a piedi. (Quanto...)


i) Mia nonna abita vicino alla chiesa. (Dove...)


j) La palla è finita oltre la recinzione. (Dove...)


Ottimo lavoro, studenti! You’ve done an incredible job today embracing the world of ‘gli avverbi di luogo’.

With practice, these adverbs will become an effortless part of your Italian vocabulary, enabling you to share stories, give directions, and describe the world around you with the confidence of a native.

Remember, language is the map of a culture, and you’re now better equipped to navigate the charming streets of Italy, both linguistically and literally.

Keep practicing, always stay curious, and don’t be afraid to express yourselves. Until our next lesson, keep exploring the language and the world with your new skills. Arrivederci e buona fortuna!


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