5 Italian Plural Exercises

italian plural exercises

Ciao studente! Today, we are going to take a wonderful journey further into the Italian language by focusing on plurals.

As you know, mastering plurals is essential for speaking and writing Italian correctly. The activities I’ve prepared will help reinforce your understanding and ensure that you can confidently convert singular nouns into their plural forms.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t rush through the exercises. Take your time to understand the patterns and rules. Are you ready? Bene, let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Plural


a) sono / I / libri / sul / tavolo

I libri sono sul tavolo.


b) le / sono / donne / felici


c) i / sono / gatti / neri


d) miei / occhiali / da sole / sono / gli


e) sono / le / finestre / aperte


f) bambini / giocano / i / giardino / nel


g) gli / sono / uccelli / cielo / nel / blu


h) auto / sono / le / parcheggiate / rosse


i) ci / sono / sedie / nuove / sei


j) cani / i / grossi / sono / amichevoli


k) le / bene / penne / scrivono


l) le / sono / piene / strade / di / gente


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Plural Exercises


a) The cars are new.

Le auto sono nuove.


b) The children are at school.


c) The flowers are very beautiful.


d) The dogs are sleeping in the garden.


e) The windows of the house are open.


f) The books on the shelf are dusty.


g) The teachers are preparing the exams.


h) The oranges are ripe and juicy.


i) The girls are wearing blue dresses.


j) The sandwiches are delicious.


k) The streets are busy today.


l) The lessons are interesting.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Book – Books

Libro – Libri


b) House - Houses


c) Flower - Flowers


d) Cat - Cats


e) Tree - Trees


f) Child - Children


g) Woman - Women


h) Mouse - Mice


i) Foot - Feet


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Plural into Consideration


The shelves in the library are overflowing with books of all genres, offering a vast array of stories and knowledge. The chairs are often occupied by eager readers, and the tables are littered with notes and laptops, buzzing with the silent energy of concentration.


In the market, the vendors shout about their fresh fruits and vegetables, displaying piles of ripe tomatoes, crispy lettuces, and sweet peaches. Children run between the stalls, laughter mixing with the calls of the sellers and the general hum of the busy morning.


5) About Italian Plural, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I gatti stanno dormendo sul letto. (Dove…)

Dove stanno dormendo i gatti?


b) Le ragazze cantano in coro. (Cosa...)


c) I bambini hanno giocattoli nuovi. (Chi...)


d) Gli uccelli sono sul tetto. (Dove...)


e) Le case sono state costruite l'anno scorso. (Quando...)


f) I libri sono di Marco. (Di chi...)


g) Le chiavi sono nella borsa. (Dove...)


h) Abbiamo mangiato le mele. (Cosa...)


i) Le finestre erano aperte durante la notte. (Quando...)


j) I ragazzi guarderanno un film stasera. (Cosa...)


Ottimo lavoro oggi! I’m truly impressed with your dedication to practicing the Italian plurals. It’s not just about memorizing rules; it’s about getting a feel for the language and understanding how it flows in different contexts.

Through these exercises, you’ve not only expanded your vocabulary but also sharpened your grammar skills. Keep practicing these structures, and soon they’ll become second nature to you.

As always, if you have any questions or need further clarification, non esitare a chiedere. Until our next lesson, keep practicing and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian language. A presto!


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