5 Italian Definite and Indefinite Articles Exercises

italian definite and indefinite articles exercises

Ciao, my dear student! Today, we are going to embark on a delightful journey through the intricacies of the Italian language, focusing particularly on the usage of definite and indefinite articles.

Articles in Italian, just like in English, are small yet essential words that we use before nouns to indicate specificity or generality. They are the tiny threads that weave our sentences together and provide clarity and context to our conversations.

As we explore various exercises and examples, remember that practicing these will help you gain a better grasp of when and how to use these critical parts of speech.

So, let’s open the book of Italian grammar and turn the pages to the chapter on articles. Are you ready to dive in? Ottimo! Let’s begin.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Definite and Indefinite Articles


a) è / un / cane / questo

Questo è un cane.


b) libro / il / è / sul / tavolo


c) amica / una / ho / nuova


d) sono / le / finestre / aperte


e) fratelli / i / sono / alti


f) gatto / del / è / nero / il / vicino


g) un / libro / ragazzo / legge / il


h) sono / in / ufficio / gli / uomini


i) è / al / mare / vicino / la / casa


j) un / c'è / davanti / uomo / alla / porta


k) scuola / la / è / vicino / al / parco


l) zia / la / ha / macchina / una / nuova


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Definite and Indefinite Articles Exercises


a) The cat is on the roof.

Il gatto è sul tetto.


b) A girl and a boy are in the garden.


c) The teachers are in the school.


d) I have a book in my bag.


e) The apples are on the table.


f) A car is parked in front of the house.


g) The restaurant is next to the cinema.


h) I see an airplane in the sky.


i) The keys are in the drawer.


j) A student is asking a question.


k) The doctor is in the hospital.


l) There's a new book on that shelf.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) The (singular) – A (singular) – The (plural)

Il/Lo/La (singolare) – Un/Uno/Una (singolare) – I/Gli/Le (plurale)


b) The book - A window - The houses


c) The woman - A cat - The men


d) The boy - An apple - The girls


e) The door - A teacher - The schools


f) The car - A friend (male) - The friends (female)


g) The table - An umbrella - The tables


h) The chair - A student (female) - The students (male)


i) The garden - A dog - The gardens


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Definite and Indefinite Articles into Consideration


In the small village, there is a beautiful old church. Every Sunday, the villagers gather at the church to listen to the priest. In front of the church, there is a large square where children play and people meet after the service.


The library in the center of town is a haven for book lovers. It houses a vast collection of books, from novels to encyclopedias. A young librarian manages the library with care, ensuring that every visitor finds a book to their liking.


5) About Italian Definite and Indefinite Articles, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Ho comprato il pane e il latte. (Che…)

Che cosa hai comprato?


b) Ho visto un bel film ieri sera. (Che cosa...)


c) La chiave è sulla tavola. (Dove...)


d) Un uomo sta aspettando fuori. (Chi...)


e) Gli studenti studiano in biblioteca. (Dove...)


f) Il mio amico ha una nuova bicicletta. (Chi...)


g) I libri sono sullo scaffale. (Dove...)


h) Vorrei una fetta di torta. (Che cosa...)


i) La macchina di Paolo è nuova. (Di chi...)


j) C'è una lettera per te sulla scrivania. (Dove...)


Bravissimo! You’ve done an exceptional job today, and I hope you now feel more confident with the use of Italian definite and indefinite articles.

We have navigated through sentence structuring, translations, vocabulary enhancement, and even some writing practice. These exercises are not just about memorizing rules; they are about getting a feel for the Italian language and understanding its rhythm and flow.

As you continue to study and practice, you’ll find that these articles will come to you more naturally. Keep this momentum going, and don’t hesitate to revisit these exercises to refresh your memory.

Remember, language learning is a delightful journey with no end, and each step, each word, and each article you learn, brings you closer to mastering the beautiful Italian language. Ci vediamo alla prossima lezione!


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