5 Italian Future Perfect Exercises

italian future perfect exercises

Ciao, studente mio! As you continue to navigate the beautiful intricacies of the Italian language, we’re going to embark on a journey through one of its more advanced tenses, the Future Perfect, or Futuro Anteriore.

This tense is used to express an action that will be completed before another action or point in the future.

Think of it as a bridge connecting the present with the anticipation of what’s to come. It’s a bit like looking at the path you will have walked once you reach the top of a hill. Ready to see the view from there?

Let’s practice these activities to sharpen your mastery of the Future Perfect. And remember, learning a language is like enjoying a good Italian meal – it’s all about the quality and the time you invest in it!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Future Perfect


a) avranno / partita / loro / la / finito

Loro avranno finito la partita.


b) avrò / i / libri. / tutti / letto


c) avrai / l'esame / superato / tu


d) avrà / mangiato / tutta / Marco / la pizza


e) viaggio / fatto / il / avremo


f) telefonato / Lucia / avrà / già / a Marco


g) il / avrete / finito / compito / quando / ?


h) tornerato / vacanza / dalla / avranno / quando / i nonni


i) scuola / la / avremo / alle / finito / tre


j) saranno / svegli / bambini / i / già


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Future Perfect Exercises


a) By tomorrow, I will have finished the project.

Entro domani, avrò finito il progetto.


b) Will you have arrived by 8 o'clock?


c) They will not have left before we arrive.


d) She will have completed her studies by next year.


e) Will we have understood everything by the end of the lesson?


f) How many books will you have read by the end of the month?


g) By the time he arrives, the meeting will have ended.


h) They will have been together for ten years next month.


i) You will have learned the Italian Future Perfect tense by the end of this course.


j) By 2023, we will have lived in this city for five years.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Will have finished – Will have left – Will have seen

Avrò finito – Saranno partiti – Avrà visto


b) Will have written - Will have spoken - Will have arrived


c) Will have eaten - Will have drunk - Will have slept


d) Will have understood - Will have known - Will have lived


e) Will have driven - Will have traveled - Will have walked


f) Will have studied - Will have learned - Will have explained


g) Will have worked - Will have played - Will have danced


h) Will have chosen - Will have bought - Will have sold


i) Will have started - Will have stopped - Will have continued


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Future Perfect into Consideration


By the time the winter holidays arrive, we will have completed all our exams, and the sweet relief that comes with that thought is like the first cool breeze of autumn after a long, hot summer.


He imagined that by his 30th birthday, he will have traveled to at least 20 countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences, enriching his perspective on life and fulfilling a dream that had flickered in his heart since youth.


5) About Italian Future Perfect, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) Avrò finito di lavorare alle cinque. (A che…)

A che ora avrai finito di lavorare?


b) Saranno arrivati entro mezzogiorno. (Quando...)


c) Avremo già cenato quando tornerai. (Quando...)


d) Avrà imparato l'italiano prima di partire per l'Italia. (Prima di...)


e) Avrete venduto la casa entro la fine dell'anno. (Entro quando...)


f) Avrò letto quel libro prima delle vacanze. (Prima d...)


g) Avranno costruito il nuovo ponte entro il prossimo anno. (Entro quando...)


h) Avremo speso tutti i nostri risparmi dopo questo viaggio. (Dopo...)


i) Avrà trovato un nuovo lavoro entro un mese. (Entro quando...)


j) Avremo deciso cosa fare entro la fine della giornata. (Entro quando...)


Bravissimo! You have worked through these exercises with the dedication of a true language artisan.

As you will have noticed, the Future Perfect tense adds depth to your conversations, allowing you to speak about the future with precision and sophistication.

By now, you should feel more comfortable contemplating actions that will be completed in your future Italian escapades.

Continue to practice, and soon you will have woven this tense into the fabric of your Italian skills as seamlessly as the threads in a fine Italian tapestry.

Until our next lesson, reflect on how much you will have learned and keep that passion for Italian alive! Arrivederci e buono studio!


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