5 Italian Talking About Time Exercises

italian talking about time exercises

Ciao studente! Today, we’re going to embark on a journey through time, but not the kind you might be thinking. We’re not exploring history or science fiction; we’re delving into the Italian way of expressing time.

Understanding how to talk about time is essential in any language, as it helps you schedule appointments, describe your daily routine, and share memories with friends. It’s not just about numbers on a clock; it’s about the rhythm of life in Italian culture.

So, get ready to set your watches to ‘Italian time’ as we explore various exercises that will enhance your ability to discuss hours, days, and even seasons in the beautiful language of Italian.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Talking About Time


a) inizia / alle / la / conferenza / nove

La conferenza inizia alle nove.


b) è / quando / l'appuntamento /?


c) mezzogiorno / pranziamo / a


d) sveglio / sette / mi / alle


e) cena / pronta / sarà / la / alle / otto


f) mezzanotte / a / a / dormo / vado


g) in / aprile / arriva / la / primavera


h) il / dicembre / è / di / venticinque / Natale


i) compleanno / è / il / di / mio / marzo / fratello / in


j) siamo / adesso / in / che / mese / ?


k) lezione / inizia / la / mattina / alle / dieci / di


l) l'estate / finisce / settembre / in


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Talking About Time Exercises


a) We have breakfast at seven-thirty.

Facciamo colazione alle sette e mezza.


b) The meeting is scheduled for half-past two.


c) The train leaves at five o'clock in the afternoon.


d) The museum opens at nine in the morning.


e) The film starts at quarter past eight.


f) I will see you in April.


g) Her birthday is on the twenty-third of June.


h) What time is it?


i) They are flying to Rome in May.


j) Summer begins in June.


k) School ends in the afternoon at three.


l) It's midnight.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Hour – Minute – Second

Ora – Minuto – Secondo


b) Day - Week - Month


c) Morning - Afternoon - Evening


d) Today - Tomorrow - Yesterday


e) Noon - Midnight - Early


f) Late - Calendar - Schedule


g) Season - Year - Leap Year


h) Weekly - Monthly - Annually


i) Clock - Watch - Timer


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Time into Consideration


Every morning, I wake up at 6 AM sharp, enjoy a brisk walk as the city slowly comes to life, and by 7 AM, I'm sipping my first coffee of the day, ready to tackle the tasks ahead with renewed vigor.


The clock struck midnight as the new year was welcomed with a spectacular display of fireworks that illuminated the sky, marking the beginning of January with a promise of new beginnings and endless possibilities.


5) About Italian Time, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Vado a letto sempre alle 23:00. (A che…)

A che ora vai a letto?


b) L'aereo atterra alle 15:45. (A che...)


c) L'esame durerà tre ore. (Quanto...)


d) Ci incontreremo il primo maggio. (Quando...)


e) La lezione finisce alle quattro e mezzo. (A che...)


f) Questa settimana lavoro di mattina. (Quando...)


g) Il mio orologio è fermo alle dieci. (A che...)


h) La festa inizia il sabato sera. (Quando...)


i) Il compleanno di Paolo è in giugno. (Quando...)


j) Abbiamo un appuntamento alle 14:00. (A che...)


Ben fatto, studente! You have worked diligently through these exercises and now have a deeper understanding of how to discuss and navigate through time in Italian.

Keep revisiting these exercises, try writing your own sentences, and most importantly, engage in conversations with native speakers if possible.

With each new day, you’re not only learning to tell time in Italian, you are also stepping closer to the heart of Italian culture, punctuating your journey with every “tic-toc” of the learning clock.

Continue to immerse yourself in the language and let the tempo of Italian life inspire your studies. Arrivederci e buona fortuna!


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