5 Italian Interrogative Pronouns Exercises

italian interrogative pronouns exercises

Ciao, studente mio! As we continue to delve into the beautiful Italian language, today we will focus on mastering the use of interrogative pronouns.

These essential components are the building blocks of questions, a fundamental part of everyday communication.

Just like the inquisitive mind of Leonardo da Vinci explored the realms of art and science, so shall we explore the art of questioning in Italian.

Let’s embark on this journey with enthusiasm and curiosity, and by the end of today’s lesson, I promise you will be able to ask questions with the ease of a native speaker.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of “chi,” “che,” “dove,” and more? Andiamo!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Interrogative Pronouns


a) è / chi / ragazzo / quel / ?

Chi è quel ragazzo?


b) stasera / fate / cosa / ?


c) quante / hai / sorelle / ?


d) andate / state / dove / voi / dove / ? / ?


e) è / come / tuo / il / nome / ?


f) è / giorno / oggi / quale / ?


g) in / sta / quella / macchina / chi / ?


h) questo / di / è / cellulare / chi / ?


i) mele / quante / sono / ci


j) non / lui / viene / perché / ?


k) preferisci / tu / quale / colore / ?


l) a / è / di / chi / il / libro / chi / appartiene / ?


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Italian Interrogative Pronouns Exercises


a) Who is she?

Chi è lei?


b) What is your name?


c) Where do we eat?


d) Why are you late?


e) How much does it cost?


f) Which book do you prefer?


g) Whose is this bag?


h) How many students are in the class?


i) What color is the car?


j) Why do you like to travel?


k) How old are you?


l) Where is the nearest pharmacy?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Who – What – Where

Chi – Cosa/Che – Dove


b) Why - Which - How much


c) How many - Whose - How


d) What time - How old - What kind


e) How long - Where from - What about


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Interrogative Pronouns into Consideration


At what time will the meeting start? The CEO, whose leadership has been remarkable, asked the team how many new projects were lined up for the quarter and which strategies they would implement to ensure success.


Whose idea was it to change the marketing plan? The manager wondered why the change was necessary and how it would affect the current campaign. She asked what outcomes they expected with the new approach.


5) About Italian Interrogative Pronouns, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Si chiama Marco. (Come…)

Come si chiama?


b) Vengo dalla Spagna. (Da dove...)


c) Il libro è di Paolo. (Di chi...)


d) Abbiamo dodici caramelle. (Quante...)


e) Mi piace perché è avventuroso. (Perché...)


f) È l'idea di mia sorella. (Di chi...)


g) Il mio colore preferito è il blu. (Quale...)


h) Costa cinquanta euro. (Quanto...)


i) Sono alto un metro e ottanta. (Quanto...)


j) Il mio compleanno è a maggio. (Quando...)


Bravissimo! Look at how far you’ve come!

Just like the streets of Rome, your path to learning Italian is ever-winding and full of delightful discoveries. Today, you’ve practiced the art of questioning, an art as refined as the creation of a fine Italian wine.

With every question formed, you’ve opened a door to new knowledge and understanding, embracing the very essence of communication.

Remember, the key to unlocking fluency is consistent practice, so I encourage you to continue practicing these interrogative forms.

Use them in your daily conversations, when you’re curious about the world, or whenever you need to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Alla prossima, my dear student, and never stop questioning!


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