Italian Simple Present Exercises

italian simple present exercises

Buongiorno, dear student! I’m very pleased to see your progress in our Italian lessons. It is time for us to dive into another fundamental aspect of the Italian language – the simple present tense, or as we say, “il presente semplice”.

This tense is one of the most used in Italian, expressing general truths, habits, feelings, thoughts, and descriptions. Today, we will focus on learning how to construct and use it in sentences.

We’ll also practice ordering sentences correctly, translating sentences, expanding your vocabulary, and even doing some writing! So, prepare yourself for a delightful journey into the heart of the Italian language. Pronti? Iniziamo!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Simple Present


a) leggo / giornale / il / sempre / mattina / la

La mattina sempre leggo il giornale.


b) sempre / la / scrive / lezione / durante / Maria


c) il / sabato / Luigi / lavora / non


d) Marco / e / la / canta / suona / chitarra


e) a / Io / nuoto / vado / domenica / la


f) Giada / pratica / i / yoga / tutti / giorni


g) studia / Anna / per / sera / ogni / l'esame


h) ogni / Io / mattina / bevo / acqua / limone / con


i) sempre / prendo / Non / l'ombrello / con / me


j) fa / Giuseppe / sempre / jogging / pomeriggio / nel


k) il / e / Paolo / prepara / pranzo / cena / la


2) Can you Translate these Sentences?


a) I always eat breakfast at 7 o’clock.

Mangio sempre la colazione alle 7.


b) Maria always studies in the library.


c) We play soccer every Saturday.


d) They visit their grandparents every summer.


e) She never forgets her phone at home.


f) He reads a book every night before bed.


g) You always bring your umbrella.


h) I go to the gym three times a week.


i) She cooks dinner every day.


j) They never watch TV in the morning.


k) You always wear your glasses.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of Italian Simple Present


a) To read – To write – To sing

Leggere – Scrivere – Cantare


b) To play - To visit - To forget


c) To cook - To swim - To work


d) To bring - To go - To wear


e) To study - To practice - To prepare


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Text Taking the Italian Simple Present into Consideration


Every day, I wake up at 6 am and prepare my coffee. I read the newspaper and then go to work. In the evening, I return home, cook dinner and watch TV.


On weekends, she wakes up late, does some exercise and then meets her friends. They often go to the movies or play games at home.


5) About Italian Simple Present, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Studio sempre la mattina.

Qual è il momento del giorno in cui studi sempre?


b) Lui legge un libro ogni notte.


c) Lei fa colazione alle 7.


d) Noi andiamo in palestra tre volte a settimana.


e) Vado a lavoro in bicicletta.


f) Loro visitano i nonni ogni Natale.


g) Lei non dimentica mai il suo telefono.


h) Preparo il pranzo ogni giorno.


i) Lui gioca a calcio ogni sabato.


j) Indossano sempre i loro occhiali.


k) Non guardiamo mai la TV la mattina.


Bravissimo! You’ve made it through another lesson, and I hope you feel more confident using the Italian simple present tense now.

Remember, the key to mastering a language is practice, practice, and more practice. So, make sure you go through these exercises again in your free time and try to incorporate what you have learned in your everyday Italian conversation.

Keep exploring and immersing yourself in this beautiful language, and soon you’ll find that speaking Italian becomes second nature to you. As always, I’m here to help you in this journey, and I’m looking forward to our next lesson. Arrivederci!


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