Passato Prossimo Italian Simple Past Exercises

italian simple past exercises

Ciao studente! Welcome to another lesson on Italian language studies. Today, we’re going to explore the “passato prossimo”, an essential part of the Italian language.

It’s the equivalent of the simple past in English and it’s widely used to talk about events that took place in the past.

We’re going to go through a range of exercises, from word translation to sentence construction and even small text translations, to ensure you grasp the nuances of this tense. Remember, practice makes perfect. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Italian Passato Prossimo


a) ha / libro / il / Marco / letto

Marco ha letto il libro.


b) partita / abbiamo / la / vinto


c) ha / Alessia / la / cantato / canzone


d) fatto / hanno / i / compiti / ragazzi / i


e) ho / casa / pulito / la


f) pasta / ha / Luigi / la / cucinato


g) arrivati / sono / i / genitori / miei


h) ha / Maria / visitato / il / museo


i) ha / l'esame / passato / Giovanni


j) ha / cane / perso / il / ho / mio


k) partiti / sono / per / vacanza


2) Can you Translate these Sentences?


a) We played soccer yesterday.

Abbiamo giocato a calcio ieri.


b) She studied for the exam last week.


c) They traveled to Rome two months ago.


d) I cleaned the house this morning.


e) You wrote a letter to your friend.


f) The teacher corrected the tests.


g) She lost her wallet.


h) We arrived at the party late.


i) He forgot his keys.


j) I prepared dinner for the family.


k) They celebrated their anniversary yesterday.


3) Practice your Vocabulary of Italian Simple Past


a) Played – Won – Lost

Giocato – Vinto – Perso


b) Studied - Worked - Traveled


c) Cleaned - Cooked - Washed


d) Arrived - Left - Stayed


e) Wrote - Read - Drew


f) Sang - Danced - Listened


g) Loved - Hated - Liked


h) Bought - Sold - Paid


i) Started - Finished - Continued


j) Opened - Closed - Locked


k) Remembered - Forgot - Learned



4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Italian Simple Past into Consideration


She studied all night for her exams. After that, she cooked breakfast for her little brother. Then she cleaned the house and finally left for her school.


Last summer, they traveled to Sicily. They swam in the sea, played volleyball on the beach, and had delicious seafood. They returned home with a lot of beautiful memories.


5) About the Passato Prossimo, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Ho studiato per l’esame tutta la notte.

Hai studiato per l’esame tutta la notte?


b) Siamo arrivati a Roma due giorni fa.


c) Ho cucinato la pasta per cena.


d) Hanno giocato a calcio ieri.


e) Ha letto il libro in una settimana.


f) Ho perso le chiavi della macchina.


g) Siamo andati al cinema.


h) Ha comprato un nuovo telefono.


i) Ho finito il lavoro.


j) Sono stati in vacanza in Sicilia.


Bravissimo! You have come a long way in mastering the “passato prossimo” in Italian. I’m impressed with your progress. Remember to practice these exercises regularly as it will reinforce your understanding and make you more fluent in using this tense.

Keep revising the vocabulary, and try forming your own sentences in Italian. You’re doing a fantastic job, and I’m confident you’ll master Italian in no time. Keep up the great work! Alla prossima lezione (See you next lesson)!


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