Colors Vocabulary Portuguese Exercises

portuguese colors vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! I’m thrilled to guide you through this enriching journey into the vibrant world of Portuguese colors vocabulary.

They play a crucial role in daily communication, helping us describe the world around us. Whether you’re admiring the vivid landscapes of Brazil, shopping in a mercado, or simply having a conversation, these color terms will be invaluable.

Let’s dive into some structured exercises that will not only introduce you to these new words but also help you incorporate them into your everyday Portuguese vocabulary. Ready? Vamos lá praticar as cores!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Portuguese Colors Vocabulary


a) são / rosas / vermelhas

Rosas são vermelhas.


b) carro / é / o / azul


c) gosto / verde / da / cor


d) são / nuvens / as / brancas


e) vestido / o / preto / é


f) é / laranja / a / bola


g) cor / céu / qual / do / é / a / ?


h) minha / amarela / é / caneta / favorita / a


i) são / bananas / amarelas


j) cor / a / qual / é / do / sol / ?


k) são / os / olhos / dela / castanhos


l) é / rosa / o / elefante


2) Translate these Sentences about Colors


a) The apple is red.

A maçã é vermelha.


b) The sky is blue.


c) Her shoes are black.


d) We love purple flowers.


e) The milk is white.


f) I bought a yellow dress.


g) They have brown eyes.


h) The orange is orange.


i) The sea is green.


j) This pink color is beautiful.


k) The grapes are green.


l) Your bag is gray.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) blue – yellow – green

azul – amarelo – verde


b) red - white - black


c) purple - orange - pink


d) brown - gray - golden


e) silver - dark - light


f) multicolor - transparent - bright


g) shade - hue - rainbow


h) palette - tint - gradient


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Portuguese Colors Vocabulary into Consideration


The rainbow after the rain is beautiful. It has colors like red, blue, yellow, green, orange, indigo, and violet. Each color has its own charm and beauty.


I painted my room in light blue. It gives a feeling of calm and peace. I also have a yellow lamp that adds a warm touch to the room.


5) About Portuguese Colors Vocabulary, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) A cor do céu é azul. ( Qual…)

Qual é a cor do céu?


b) Minha camisa favorita é vermelha. ( Qual...)


c) O carro dele é preto. ( De que...)


d) Eles gostam de flores roxas. ( De que...)


e) A parede é branca. ( De que...)


f) Eu tenho um chapéu verde. ( De que...)


g) Os sapatos dela são marrons. ( De que...)


h) As cortinas são rosas. ( De que...)


i) O lápis é amarelo. ( De que...)


j) A água é transparente. ( Qual...)


Parabéns (congratulations) on completing this colorful lesson! I’m proud of the progress you’ve made today.

Always remember that understanding and using colors in Portuguese will enrich your expressions and make your conversations more vivid and descriptive. Practice these terms regularly, and you’ll find yourself using them effortlessly.

As we continue our learning journey together, always embrace the beauty of the Portuguese language and its colorful expressions. Até a próxima aula (until the next lesson)!


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