5 Portuguese Simple Past Exercises

portuguese simple past exercises

Olá, dear student! Today, we’re diving deep into an essential aspect of the Portuguese language – the simple past, or “passado simples” as we say.

This tense helps us narrate events that happened at a specific point in the past. Whether you’re sharing personal stories or discussing historical events, mastering this tense is vital.

Through the following exercises, we’ll explore sentence structures, translations, vocabulary, and some practice translations to help reinforce your understanding. Remember, practice is key, so let’s get started!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Portuguese Simple Past


a) semana / comprei / passada / um / livro / eu

Eu comprei um livro semana passada.


b) eles / ontem / estudaram / ?


c) trabalhou / onde / você / ?


d) filme / assistimos / o / nós / noite / de


e) ela / visitou / amigos / seus


f) café / tomaram / eles / manhã / de / ?


g) jantamos / restaurante / naquele / nós


h) você / livro / aquele / leu / ?


i) escreveu / ele / uma / carta


j) falaram / eles / no / telefone / muito / ?


k) ontem / ela / trabalhou / tarde / até


l) ontem vocês / à / festa / foram / noite / ?


2) Translate these Sentences – Passado Simples Português


a) I studied last night.

Eu estudei ontem à noite.


b) She visited her grandmother.


c) They played football.


d) He read a book.


e) You traveled to Brazil.


f) We ate at that restaurant.


g) They watched a movie.


h) She danced all night.


i) I cooked dinner.


j) You listened to music.


k) They celebrated the birthday.


l) He slept until noon.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) I studied – He danced – She traveled

eu estudei – ele dançou – ela viajou


b) we played - they read - you listened


c) sang - ate - wrote


d) walked - ran - spoke


e) traveled - visited - celebrated


f) bought - sold - slept


g) watched - called - danced


h) cooked - ate - drank


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Portuguese Simple Past into Consideration


I was at the park yesterday. I played with my friends and had a lot of fun. We ate ice cream and sat by the lake. In the evening, I went home and slept early.


She visited the museum last week. She saw many interesting artifacts and learned about history. Later, she had lunch at a nearby cafe. Her day was very fulfilling.


5) About Portuguese Past Simple, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) Eu estudei na biblioteca. ( Onde…)

Onde você estudou?


b) Eles jogaram futebol ontem. ( O que...)


c) Ela viajou para Portugal. ( Para onde...)


d) Nós assistimos a um filme. ( O que...)


e) Ele leu um livro interessante. ( O que...)


f) Eu comprei uma camisa nova. ( O que...)


g) Ela dançou na festa. ( Onde...)


h) Nós jantamos fora. ( Onde...)


i) Ele conversou com Maria. ( Com...)


j) Eu fui ao supermercado. ( Onde...)


Parabéns! You’ve done an impressive job working through these exercises on the Portuguese simple past.

Remember, while the structures might seem different from English, with consistent practice and exposure, they’ll soon become second nature to you. I encourage you to continue practicing by writing or speaking about your past experiences in Portuguese.

And, as always, I’m here to guide and support you in your language learning journey. Keep up the excellent work, and let’s continue uncovering the beauty and richness of the Brazilian Portuguese language together!


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