Clothes Vocabulary Spanish Exercises

spanish clothes vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student! Today we will be delving deep into Spanish clothing vocabulary. This is a fun and exciting part of language learning, as it gives us a unique insight into a different culture and its sartorial practices.

Our learning journey will be divided into several parts – starting with vocabulary practice, then progressing to the identification of items based on images, filling in the blanks in sentences, sentence reordering, and finally translation practice.

This comprehensive approach will ensure that you learn and retain these new words effectively. So, let’s get started!

Practiquemos! Below we have a lot of exercises for you to practice your clothes vocabulary in Spanish that will help in your daily conversations, but be aware that between countries their names might change.


practice spanish


1) Practice your Vocabulary of Spanish Clothes


a) Shirt – Pants – Dress

Camisa – Pantalones – Vestido


b) T-Shirt - Shorts - Skirt


c) Jacket - Sweater - Coat


d) Jeans - Suit - Tie


e) Socks - Shoes - Boots


f) Hat - Cap - Scarf


g) Gloves - Belt - Watch


h) Sunglasses - Glasses - Earrings


i) Necklace - Bracelet - Ring


j) Bathing suit - Pajamas - Robe


k) Blouse - Vest - Turtleneck


2) Based on the images, write below in Spanish

clothes spanish

1 ) 





3 )


4 )
















3) Complete the Sentences based on the images – Clothes Vocabulary

clothes vocabulary

a) Mamá, no encuentro mis (6), sabes dónde están?


b) El hombre de la (4) pasó por aquí hace unos minutos.


c) Hace mucho sol, ponte una (11).


d) La (10) se rompió.


e) Debo usar (3) en el trabajo.


f) En nuestro aniversario, le regale unos (8) a mi esposa.


g) Tu (9) es muy bonita y practica.


h) Estos (1) no me quedan.


i) Va a llover, mejor ponte las (2).


j) Ayer me compré una (7) en el centro comercial.


k) Mañana me pondré mi (5) rosa favorito.


l) Está nevando afuera, ponte un (12) antes de salir.


4) Put in the Correct Order Taking the Spanish Clothes Vocabulary into Consideration


a) nuevos / compré / zapatos / hoy

Hoy compré zapatos nuevos.


b) mis / rojos / amo / guantes / yo


c) muy / aquel / largo / vestido / es


d) lavé / la / ayer / chaqueta / roja


e) lentes / usa / porque / puede / ver / no / ella


f) café / la / con / camiseta / manché


g) muchos / la / había / en / tienda / bolsos


h) amarilla / me / falda / gusta / esa


5) Can you Pass these Phrases from English to Spanish?


a) I almost lose my hat.

Yo casi pierdo mi sombrero.


b) His new T-shirt is awesome.


c) Do you like my new earrings?


d) I need more clothes.


e) Can I see your bag please?


f) Where is my sweater?


g) I bought some bracelets for her.


h) These are my favorite boots.


i) Your skirt is too short.


j) I love my new shorts.


Well done, student! You’ve worked hard on mastering Spanish clothing vocabulary today.

We’ve practiced various aspects of using these words, from recognizing them in images and using them in sentences, to even translating them into English.

Keep studying these words and their use in different contexts to make them a part of your fluent Spanish vocabulary. Remember, practice is key in language learning.

We will continue to explore more areas of the Spanish language in our future sessions. Until then, keep practicing and happy learning!


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