House Vocabulary Spanish Exercises

spanish house vocabulary exercises

Hello, dear student. I hope you’re ready for today’s practice! We have an interesting session planned. We’re going to focus on improving your Spanish vocabulary, particularly with words related to the home or house.

We’ll start by practicing sentence ordering, to ensure you have a good understanding of Spanish sentence structure. Then, we’ll move to translation from English to Spanish, which will help you think in Spanish.

We will also revise some house vocabulary and play a little with antonyms. All of these activities are designed to make you more comfortable in conversational Spanish, as well as enhance your writing skills.

Practiquemos! These exercises contain the basic vocabulary of a house, but if you want more specific vocabulary of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on, you can search for them on this same website, and now let’s begin!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Spanish House Vocabulary


a) bien / el / está / cuidado / muy / jardín

El jardín está muy bien cuidado.


b) parece / la / abandonada / casa


c) están / son / que / pared / la / cuadros / bonitos / colgados / los / en


d) ordena / hermana / mi / comedor / el


e) las / del / yo / patio / recojo / hojas


f) ventanas / mi / verdes / casa / las / son / de


g) la / dejó / alguien / televisión / encendida


f) Rafael / en / trasero / está / patio / jugando / el


2) Pass from English to Spanish – House Vocabulary


a) Go and clean the balcony.

Ve y limpia el balcón.


b) I like to seat in front of the fireplace while i read.


c) Your house is so warm.


d) Do you take care of your house plants?


e) My father is waiting for me in the garage.


f) Do you have a pool in your home?


g) The windows were full of dust.


h) Today we are going to paint this Wall.


3) Practice your Spanish House Vocabulary


a) Kitchen – Living Room – Bathroom

Cocina – Sala de Estar – Baño


b) Bedroom - Dining Room - Hallway


c) Garage - Garden - Basement


d) Attic - Balcony - Laundry Room


e) Office - Library - Closet


f) Pantry - Nursery - Guest Room


g) Patio - Terrace - Porch


h) Roof - Chimney - Window


i) Door - Stairs - Wall


j) Fireplace - Hall - Toilet


k) Ceiling - Floor - Room


4) Write again the Sentence but With the Right Antonym


a) El buzón de correo está lleno.

El buzón de correo está vacío.


b) La casa está muy limpia.


c) El pórtico es pequeño.


d) Las ventanas están muy abajo.


e) El estilo de esta casa es muy moderno.


f) Hay muchas macetas.


g) El sótano es muy oscuro.


h) Tu ático es muy bonito.


i) El piso de madera es nuevo.


Well done! You’ve completed the session. I hope that the exercises were engaging and helpful in reinforcing your Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Remember, practice is key to learning any language, so try to incorporate these new words and structures into your daily Spanish usage. Review this session anytime you need a refresher.

In the next session, we’ll be focusing on more complex sentences and other aspects of daily life vocabulary. Keep practicing, and see you soon! Buen trabajo y hasta la próxima vez.


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