5 Spanish Past Tenses Exercises

spanish past tense exercises

Mastering the past tenses is crucial for effectively communicating past actions, experiences, and events in Spanish.

This series of exercises is designed to enhance your understanding and application of these tenses in various contexts.

We will start by rearranging sentences to form coherent past tense statements, then move on to translating sentences from English to Spanish.

Additionally, we’ll practice vocabulary specifically related to past actions and finally, apply what we’ve learned in small translation exercises.

Practice makes perfect, so let’s dive in and embrace the challenge of learning Spanish past tenses together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Spanish Past Tenses


a) fui / ayer / al / cine / yo

Yo fui al cine ayer.


b) jugaron / niños / Los / en / el / parque


c) comió / pastel / ella / un / de / chocolate


d) vimos / película / una / interesante / muy


e) el / estudiaron / toda / noche / la / para / examen


f) visitó / semana / Juan / pasada / museo / el


g) caminé / playa / la / por / mañana / esta


h) vendieron / su / casa / ellos / año / pasado / el


i) cocinó / abuela / mi / domingo / el / un / asado


j) escribieron / cartas / ellos / muchas / durante / las / vacaciones


2) Can you Translate these Sentences? Spanish Past Tenses Exercises


a) I watched a movie last night.

Vi una película anoche.


b) They traveled to Spain last summer.


c) She wrote a letter to her friend.


d) We ate at a new restaurant yesterday.


e) He read the book in one day.


f) They were very happy at the party.


g) I found an old coin in the garden.


h) She painted a beautiful picture.


i) They arrived early to the meeting.


j) We learned a lot in that class.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Went – Ate – Saw

Fui – Comí – Vi


b) Wrote - Traveled - Read


c) Spoke - Lived - Worked


d) Played - Danced - Sang


e) Bought - Sold - Gave


f) Knew - Thought - Wanted


g) Brought - Took - Left


h) Felt - Heard - Said


i) Made - Met - Ran


j) Started - Finished - Continued


4) Translate these Small Texts Using Spanish Past Tenses


a) The party was lively and colorful. Everyone danced and sang, enjoying the festive atmosphere. The lights twinkled like stars, and the music filled the air, creating memories that would last a lifetime.


b) The sun set over the ocean, casting a golden glow on the water. The beach was peaceful, with the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.


5) About Spanish Past Tenses, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Ayer fui al cine. (¿Adónde…)

¿Adónde fuiste ayer?


b) Compré un coche nuevo el mes pasado. (¿Cuándo...)


c) Vivió en Madrid durante cinco años. (¿Dónde...)


d) Estudiaron español el semestre pasado. (¿Qué...)


e) Viajamos a Italia el verano pasado. (¿Adónde...)


f) El libro fue escrito por Gabriel García Márquez. (¿Quién...)


g) La película terminó a las diez. (¿A qué...)


h) El concierto fue increíble. (¿Cómo...)


i) Hicimos un pastel de chocolate para su cumpleaños. (¿Qué...)


j) Conocí a mi mejor amigo en la universidad. (¿Dónde...)


Through these exercises, you’ve taken a significant step in mastering the Spanish past tenses. Remember, learning a language is a journey filled with continuous practice and discovery.

These exercises were designed to reinforce your understanding and provide a practical application of the past tenses in everyday situations.

Keep practicing these structures in your daily conversations and writings. Your efforts and dedication are the keys to becoming proficient in Spanish. ¡Hasta la próxima clase, y sigan practicando!


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