5 Spanish Question Words Exercises

spanish question words exercises

Today, we’re going to embark on an exciting journey to enhance our understanding and usage of Spanish question words.

As you know, mastering las palabras interrogativas is crucial for effective communication in any language. They help us inquire, learn, and engage in meaningful conversations.

In this lesson, we will delve into various activities designed to sharpen your skills in using these essential elements of the Spanish language.

Practice is key, so approach these exercises with enthusiasm and an open mind. Let’s get started and explore the wonderful world of Spanish question words together!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Spanish Question Words


a) cumpleaños? / tu / es / ¿Cuándo

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?


b) se / ¿Cómo / ella? / llama


c) estás / ¿Por / tarde / qué?


d) es / color / ¿Cuál / favorito? / tu


e) es / ¿Quién / hombre? / ese


f) hora / empieza / ¿A / película? / la / qué


g) vas / cine? / ¿Con / quién / al


h) este / ¿Cómo / prepara / plato? / se / delicioso


i) es / el / ¿Por / importante / qué / estudio? / diario


j) es / aprender? / la / mejor / ¿Cuál / manera / de


k) el / ¿Dónde / fin / estuviste / semana? / último / de


l) necesitas / para / tiempo / llegar / ¿Cuánto / al / colegio?


2) Can You Translate these Sentences? Spanish Question Words Exercises


a) When is your birthday?

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?


b) What is your name?


c) Why are you happy?


d) Where is the library?


e) Which is your favorite book?


f) Who is your best friend?


g) How much does the ticket cost?


h) What time is it?


i) Where are you from?


j) With whom did you come?


k) How do you get to the park?


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) What – Where – Why

Qué – Dónde – Por qué


b) When - Who - Which


c) How much - How many - How


d) Whose - With whom - From where


e) To where - For what reason - In what way


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Spanish Question Words into Consideration


The teacher asked the student why he was late for class, to which the student replied that his bus had been delayed due to traffic, and he had to walk the last part of the journey, arriving just a few minutes late.


In the bustling city market, a curious tourist asked a local vendor how much the handcrafted souvenirs cost, intrigued by the intricate designs and the cultural significance behind each piece, hoping to take a piece of the local tradition back home.


5) About Spanish Question Words, Write the Questions to the Answers


a) Vivo en Madrid. (¿Dónde…)

¿Dónde vives?


b) Mi libro favorito es 'Cien años de soledad'. (¿Cuál...)


c) Llego al trabajo en autobús. (¿Cómo...)


d) Mi hermano es mayor que yo. (¿Quién...)


e) Mi cumpleaños es en junio. (¿Cuándo...)


f) Este bolígrafo es de Juan. (¿De...)


g) La conferencia comienza a las diez. (¿A qué...)


h) Prefiero el té al café. (¿Qué...)


i) Vine a la fiesta con Ana. (¿Con...)


j) El concierto es en el estadio. (¿Dónde...)


I hope you found these activities both challenging and rewarding. Working with Spanish question words is an essential step in becoming fluent and confident in your Spanish conversations.

The key to mastering a new language is consistent practice and real-life application.

Try to incorporate these interrogative words into your daily conversations, whether it’s with a classmate, a language exchange partner, or even in your internal thoughts.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing your progress in our next session. ¡Hasta la próxima!


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