5 Spanish Family Members Exercises

family members spanish exercises

As we embark on our journey to explore and understand the Spanish language, today we’ll focus on a fundamental and relatable aspect of our lives.

Just as colors add vibrancy to our world, family members bring richness to our personal stories.

Knowing how to talk about family is not just about expanding your vocabulary; it’s about connecting with others on a personal level, sharing stories, and understanding the cultural importance of family in Spanish-speaking societies.

These activities are designed to enhance your comprehension and expression in Spanish, focusing on family-related terms and their usage in everyday conversations.

Let’s dive in and embrace the beauty of the Spanish language through the lens of family.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – Spanish Family Members

a) es / mi / Carlos / hermano

Carlos es mi hermano.


b) tengo / sobrinos / tres


c) mi / es / abogado / tío


d) padre / es / mi / cocinero


e) mis / son / divertidos / tíos


f) abuelos / mis / son / italianos


g) prima / mi / es / inteligente / muy


h) de / es / mi / madre / México


i) hermana / tiene / una / pequeña / él


j) somos / cinco / en / familia / mi


k) hermano / son / y / ella / gemelos / su


2) Can You Translate these Sentences? Spanish Family Members Exercises


a) I have two sisters.

Tengo dos hermanas.


b) My grandfather is very wise.


c) Our cousin is coming to visit.


d) Her niece is very talented.


e) Their parents are teachers.


f) My son's favorite toy is a car.


g) My daughter loves to draw.


h) His brother works abroad.


i) Are your aunts coming to the party?


j) We have a family reunion next week.


k) I am meeting my in-laws today.


l) She is an only child.


m) The children are playing in the garden.


3) Practice your Vocabulary


a) Mother – Father – Brother

Madre – Padre – Hermano


b) Sister - Grandmother - Grandfather


c) Uncle - Aunt - Cousin


d) Nephew - Niece - Son-in-law


e) Daughter-in-law - Stepfather - Stepmother


f) Half-brother - Half-sister - Godfather


g) Godmother - Foster parent - In-law


h) Stepbrother - Stepsister - Adopted child


i) Twin - Older brother - Younger sister


j) Great-grandfather - Great-grandmother - Ancestor


k) Descendant - Relative - Sibling


4) Practice Your Writing by Translating these Small Texts Taking the Spanish Family Members into Consideration


In our family gatherings, laughter and stories are always present. My grandparents share tales of their youth, while my cousins play together. My parents, always the hosts, ensure everyone feels welcomed and loved, creating memories that last a lifetime.


The joy in my mother's eyes as she watches her grandchildren play is indescribable. My father, often telling jokes, has a unique way of bringing the family together. These moments, simple yet profound, are what make our family gatherings so special.


5) About Spanish Family Members, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) Mi hermano es doctor. (¿Qué…)

¿Qué profesión tiene tu hermano?


b) Tengo dos hijas. (¿Cuántos...)


c) Mi abuela vive en Madrid. (¿Dónde...)


d) Mis tíos vienen de visita este fin de semana. (¿Cuándo...)


e) La familia de mi esposo es muy grande. (¿Cómo...)


f) El primo de Juan es músico. (¿A qué...)


g) Mi sobrino es el más pequeño de la familia. (¿Quién...)


h) Los padres de ella son profesores. (¿A qué...)


i) Nuestro hijo quiere ser ingeniero. (¿Qué...)


j) Prefiero pasar las vacaciones con mis parientes. (¿Con quién...)


Through these exercises, you’ve taken significant steps in enhancing your Spanish language skills, particularly in the realm of family members vocabulary.

Language learning is not just about memorizing words; it’s about understanding the culture and the people behind them.

As you continue to learn, I encourage you to think about your own family and how you would describe them in Spanish.

This personal connection will not only make your learning experience more meaningful but will also help you retain and use the language more naturally.

Keep practicing, stay curious, and always be ready to share your family stories in Spanish. ¡Hasta la próxima clase!


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