Free French LEVEL TEST Online

Do you have any idea if your French is growing better or not? If you’re anything like the majority of self-learners, you can’t say. It’s tough to say. It’s possible that you haven’t noticed any improvements in the last month or maybe the entire year. You have no idea what grammatical errors you are making, and

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20 Top Good Reasons to Learn French

Having the ability to communicate in a foreign language can open doors to new opportunities in your career, education, and travel. Due to its status as the official language of 29 countries throughout the world, French is one of the most popular choices for English speakers, and its numerous advantages may make it the best

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How long to Learn French?

There are more than 300 million native French speakers dispersed throughout all seven continents, making it not only one of the most extensively taught languages, but also one of the most spoken in the world. As a result, it is the world’s fifth most widely spoken language, trailing only Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Arabic in

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Regular Verbs German Practice

Regular verbs in German are conjugated according to the subject performing the action. The endings vary according to the personal pronoun: Pronoun Ending Example (Fragen) ich -e Frage du -st Fragst er/es/sie -t Fragt wir -en Fragen ihr -t Fragt sie -en Fragen Sie -en Fragen   Activities!   1) Conjugate the “Singen” verb a)

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Dative Case German Practice

The dative case should be used with: Indirect object (most of the times) Dative verbs Dative prepositions Answer the “to whom?” question   Gender Definite Article Indefinite Article Masculine Dem Einem Feminine Der Einer Neutral Dem Einem Plural Den –   Activities!   1) Which words below are accusative prepositions? a) Nach or Ohne? Answer:

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