4 English Plural Exercises

english plural exercises

Hello, dear student! As part of our ongoing journey to improve your English skills, we are going to focus on an important grammar concept today – the plural form.

You may know already that the plural form indicates more than one of something. In English, we usually add “s” or “es” at the end of a word to make it plural.

However, not all words follow this rule. There are some irregular plurals that change completely. With the following activities, we’ll be exploring the usage, formation, and exceptions of plural words. Let’s dive right in!


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Plural


a) cities / visited / we / several / European

We visited several European cities.


b) are / apples / in / there / the / many / basket


c) cats / my / love / I / two


d) many / he / does / have / books / how / ?


e) are / where / keys / my / ?


f) are / sisters / and / my / doctors / brothers / my / both


g) glasses / broken / were / the


h) are / children / playing / the / park / in / the


i) were / running / horses / the / field / the / across


j) dogs / barking / were / the


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Plural Exercises


a) The childes is playing on the garden.

The children are playing in the garden.


b) I have five sheeps in my farmy.


c) There is many mans in the room.


d) The womans is singing an song.


e) I has two tooths.


f) The mouses is in the cage.


g) The boxs is in the romm.


h) The knifes are in the draweer.


i) There is much childs in the school.


j) The foots are hurting.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I hxxx two cxxs.

I have two cats.


b) There are many sxxxx xn the sky.


c) He has four roxxx in hxx house.


d) There are ten apxxxs xn the table.


e) The chxxxxxx are playing xx the field.


f) She has xxny bxxks.


g) We have five cxxx in xxx garage.


h) There xxx many trxxx xx the forest.


i) The xggx are xx the basket.


j) I bouxxx two xxxssxs.


4) About English Plural, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I have two cats. ( How many…)

How many cats do you have?


b) There are five books on the table. ( How many...)


c) I have three sisters. ( How many...)


d) There are twenty students in the class. ( How many...)


e) I ate three apples. ( How many...)


f) There are four chairs in the room. ( How many...)


g) She has two dogs. ( How many...)


h) We have five cars in our garage. ( How many...)


i) They have ten fingers. ( How many...)


j) You have seven pencils. ( How many...)


Well done, student! You’ve made great progress today in understanding and using English plurals.

The ability to correctly form and use plurals is a fundamental part of mastering English, so your work today is a significant step forward. However, remember that like any new skill, regular practice is key to truly absorb and apply it.

So, keep practicing these exercises at your own pace until you are comfortable with the usage of plurals. Remember, don’t rush the process and take one step at a time. Looking forward to seeing you in our next lesson!


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