4 English Simple Past Exercises

english simple past exercises

Hello student, today we are going to work on the Simple Past tense in English. This tense is used for actions that began and ended in the past.

It’s very important to understand and use it correctly, as it is commonly used in everyday conversation, writing, and reading.

We are going to start by rearranging sentences into the correct order, then we’ll correct sentences with grammatical errors, and also practice our vocabulary. Lastly, we’ll work on formulating questions for given answers.


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1) Put the Sentences in the Correct Order – English Simple Past


a) movie / last / night / I / a / watched

I watched a movie last night.


b) the / game / won / yesterday / we


c) delicious / pasta / cooked / mom / my


d) school / to / walked / I / yesterday


e) the / finished / book / last / he / night


f) a / bought / car / new / they


g) to / we / park / the / went / afternoon, / Yesterday


h) the / cleaned / kitchen / you / have / ?


i) a / he / story / wrote / beautiful


j) the / concert / to / went / they / last / night


k) vacation / did / you / your / enjoy / ?


l) pizza / did / ate / you / last / night / ?


2) Fix Grammatical Errors – English Simple Past Exercises


a) I eated the applee.

I ate the apple.


b) She goed to the park yesterday.


c) They was at the parti last nighty.


d) I didn't has money.


e) He don't went to schooll.


f) She do her homeworke.


g) They buyed an new car.


h) You has finished yuor work.


i) He swimmed on the lake.


j) We wined the gamme.


k) She haved an cat.


l) They eat dineer at seveen.


3) Practice your Vocabulary Completing the Sentences


a) I xxxx to the store yexxxxxxx.

I went to the store yesterday.


b) She xxxxx a letter xx her xxxxnd.


c) They xxxxx their exams last xxxk.


d) I xxxxxx a new phone last mxxxx.


e) We xxxxxx a game of football yesxxxxxx.


f) He xxx her xx the station yesxxxxxx.


g) She xxxxxxxx to music last nxxxx.


h) They wxxxxxx a movie last nxxxx.


i) You xxx all your xxxxwork xxst nixxx.


j) He xxxx a lot of bxxxx last xxar.


k) We xxxx to the beach last suxxxx.


l) I xxxxx a cake xxx her xxxxxday yesxxxxxx.


4) About English Simple Past, Write the Obvious Questions to the Answers


a) I visited my grandmother last week. ( When…)

When did you visit your grandmother?


b) They played football yesterday. ( What...)


c) She finished her homework last night. ( When...)


d) He cooked dinner. ( What...)


e) We went to the beach last summer. ( Where...)


f) I read a book. ( What...)


g) They watched a movie. ( What...)


h) She baked a cake yesterday. ( What...)


i) He bought a new car last month. ( What...)


j) We walked to school this morning. ( How...)


k) I painted the house last weekend. ( What...)


l) They sold their old furniture. ( What...)


Excellent work today! You’ve practiced forming sentences in the past tense, corrected some common grammatical errors, filled in sentences using your vocabulary knowledge, and formulated questions to match given answers.

Keep practicing these exercises and before you know it, you’ll be more confident using the Simple Past tense in English.

As with everything, practice is key, so don’t hesitate to review the activities on your own or practice writing some past tense sentences of your own. Until next time, keep up the good work and happy studying!


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